Making the BIG Announcement

OK. I want to know how girls have told their “significant other” that they were pregnant. Guys, any cool suggestions on how you would want to find out?

he grabbed my boob and I said “ow”

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This may not work for you since it’s October, but my old girlfriend once called me up on Father’s Day and wished me a happy Father’s Day to tell me she thought she was pregnant. Luckily, she was wrong.

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[hijack] For a second there I was afraid this was going to turn out to be another virtual wedding. I say afraid because my puke bucket is all the way across the room. [/hijack]

If it were me, I’d just want to be told straight up. Many men get nervous when their girlfriends or wives offer up a big song and dance as a prelude to delivering some piece of important news. Women seem to like the buildup, whereas it inspires dread in men.

JBirdman, re your hijack, right on! I like you.

Re: the OP, I’m not a guy, but I agree with the guys who say “just tell him without a freaky buildup.” Lots of snuggling and kissing and hugging probably don’t hurt.

One important consideration - Is he likely to take this as good news or bad? If it’s bad, then you definatley want to go with a no-nonsense, get to the point presentation. Then give him some time to absorb the fact before insisting on discussing options.

On the other hand, if it’s good news, you can be more playful. Call him “Daddy”. Get him a father’s day card no matter what time of year it is. Or just tell him sometime when you are both relaxed and in a good mood. Or just start throwing up every morning :slight_smile:

Hope this helps (assuming this wasn’t a hypothetical),

I am pregnant right now. Almost 18 wks. I have been married for about 22 weeks. This was a big change of my plans. I told him by standing in the kitchen crying and screaming “God dammit, Why am I pregnant? I am too young for this crap!”
Well, we both calmed down (he was a pillar of strenght, I must say) and now we are both happy.

Now for a good suggestion, one I had planned to use if we had stuck to the plan:
I was going to paint something “baby-like” on my stomach and say something to the effect of “What do you think this is? Come take a look.” and surprise him.

Well, ours were all carefully planned, so what I did on two of the occasions was to let my husband know when I might possibly be pregnant, and then we just looked at the test together as soon as I could take it.

The last time, however, I had gone to the gynecologist to investigate this freaky “period” that I was having, which had lasted something like two weeks. Well, the alert doctor notices that something is going on with my innards and orders a pregnancy test right there. Surprise! She and I both think that it is probably a miscarriage, but she whisks me off to do an ultrasound anyway.

So my hubby, who had kindly driven me to the doctor, found out the last time by hearing the doctor announce “She’s pregnant and probably having a miscarriage” to the nurse as she’s passing through the office. About 5 minutes later, though, we find that, in fact, the baby is doing just and I’m about 5 weeks along.

My husband still teases me about not coming out to the waiting room to get him before the ultrasound. We had been trying, but, because of the bleeding I was sure that it wasn’t going to be THAT month.

With the first two, it was me saying that I thought I was pregnant, and taking the test at the Dr’s office. When I came home, I just numbly nodded and he said “I thought so”.

The second set went the same as well. I mentioned that I was late and picking up a test. I took it, and then had him check the stick after 3 minutes. He broke it to me easy. Good thing I was sitting down…

Um, you know, there are certain things you can use which will usually keep you from getting pregnant even when you’re having regular intercourse…

<ducking and running>

No kidding!! My fiancee came home one day and told me I had better sit down because she had something to tell me. My heart started racing right away and I thought, “Oh, shit.” I wasn’t even thinking pregnancy really, but I was immediately prepared for something terrible.

Turns out she thought somebody bumped into our new car while it was in a parking lot. I was like, Jesus, that was the big news? I don’t know why she thought I would be so upset. I mean, I like my car and all, but it’s gonna get screwed up eventually, living in the city. I went out, and the yellow paint smudges on our silver car washed right off.

Anyway, the point is, when you’ve got something to say you really should just throw it out there and see how he reacts. Don’t create a particular reaction due to your anticipation of it, if that makes sense.

Unless he is a psycho, in which case you ought not to be humping him anyway.

The traditional way to do this is to casually begin knitting baby booties. If that doesn’t clue the fellow in, move on to bonnets and layette sets. If he still doesn’t notice, buy some power tools and begin building a bassinet. In the living room.

Or, just buy him some power tools. It’s likely to help any news go over better.

To reiterate my original point: be straightforward, rather than coy. It’s my experience that this is the way to go with men, simple creatures that we are.

magdalene and ReservoirDog: thank you.