Making up lyrics

You remember a tune from when you were a kid. Or there’s a song that isn’t from your preferred genre, but you couldn’t avoid it. However it happens, you have an unforgettable tune that periodically pops into your head and you don’t know the words. Let’s hear the lyrics you make up.

I was a bit old to be watching Star Blazers in the '80s, but I’d hear the theme song a lot. I don’t know the lyrics to the second verse (or chorus, or whatever), so I substitute:

Flying off to Iskandar
Who kew that it was so far?
Should have brought a candy bar
I’m going to starve to death!

I had “I’ve got my hands in shackles/In the end we’re all betrayed” rather than “I’ve got one foot on the platform/the other on the train” for House of the Rising Sun.

Waaay back when superhero cartoons first invaded Saturday morning there was some deal with a whole buncha Marvel superheroes, each with their own very brief theme song.

I remember Captain America’s as being mixed with a jingle of the day:

When Captain America throws his mighty shield
All of those who’d oppose his shield must yield!
He keeps food fresher and tasting nice,
And like wax paper he’s low in price,
When Captain America throws his mighty shield!

This one came to me in the shower.

Oh, no more voiceless horses!
We’re gonna sing like a fish!

The actual lyrics from The Revenge Of Vera Gemini by Blue Öyster Cult are:

Oh no more horses horses
We’re gonna swim like a fish.

Which don’t make much more sense than mine do.

“You get your kicks/ on 666”

(Actually a highway through northwestern New Mexico before someone noticed the 666 signs were making tourists a trifle nervous. It was changed to 491)

I’ve got a bad case of loving Jews.

No Moyle’s gonna lance my boil
I’ve got a bad case of loving jews

I like it.