Malachi Throne has died at 84

Story. He was everywhere in the 1960s and 1970s. He supplied the voice of “The Keeper” in the unaired “Star Trek” pilot “The Cage.” The Keeper’s lines were dubbed over by someone else (presumably because The Keeper was given some additional lines) when “The Cage” was re-edited into “The Menagerie,” but Malachi Throne appeared in person as Commodore Mendez. I wonder if that is just coincidence, or as a favor since his work on “The Cage” had been discarded. (I think his voice still appears in “The Cage,” though.)

The news broken by Jim Beaver who, IIRC, is a member here.

Throne’s eyes were always sad. I remember them more than anything.

He also played the Romulan senator Pardek in the TNG episode “Unification,” which featured Leonard Nimoy as Ambassador Spock.

He was great as “Noah Bain” on It Takes A Thief.

I know nothing about him, but his name is awesome.

Sheriff Drew “Shelby” Thompson is a SDMB member? How f’in bad ass is that? The only thing that could possibly be cooler is if Margo “Mags Bennett” Martindale were a member. Both of them steal every damn scene they are in.

As an old school gamer I always confused him with the Malachite Throne from Greyhawk.

And. . . in one of my favorite “Hawaii Five-O” episodes Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?, in which he appears with Mark ‘Sarek’ Lenard, a fun spy/Cold War episode.

He doesn’t really post. Wish he would. He contributed to a staff report on George Reeve. I follow him on Facebook. He posts some very interesting things like his own reviews of old movies.

SDMB name jumblejim iirc.

His name meant nothing to me (outside of “Hey, cool name!”) but I recognized the face. He pops up occasionally in the Sunday Night Noir shows on MeTV.

I think this is him narrating the original Star Wars trailer.

He also played “Prime Minister Malachi” in Babylon 5.

He was also “False Face” on Adam West’s Batman.

Maybe the best 2 episodes of the series.

Eh. . . one little nitpick to my OP. I’ve never seen the script for “The Cage,” so I don’t know how The Keeper was identified. In “The Cage,” he is addressed as “Magistrate,” once, and I believe that’s the only personal reference. “The Keeper” moniker first showed up dialog in “The Menagerie.” Coincidentally, or not, in a “Lost In Space” two-parter (also the only one of its run) about an alien (Michael Rennie) creating a “menagerie” of life forms from different worlds. The title: “The Keeper.”