So Happy! [Zachary Quinto "In Search Of"]

Zachary Quinto is gonna host the new ‘In search of’ on the History channel. Yay!

Hmm, interesting casting idea, for those few of us old enough to remember the original. But what I also remember of the original was Bermuda Triangle, and ESP, and other assorted woo. I hope for better from The History Channel.

Of course, the first In Search Of was the inspiration for the movie title of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Well, presumably they will debunk as much as examine. As viewers we are not as gullible as we used to be. I hope.

You are aware that The History Channel has the long-running series Ancient Aliens, featuring the ever-popular “It’s Aliens” guy, Giorgio Tsukalos. :smiley:

I don’t know who the host is but I loved In Search of when I was a kid. Yes, it’s was woo but it was super fun. I’ll give it try.

Quinto has played Spock in the rebooted Star Trek films, so he’d seem to be a fitting replacement for Leonard Nimoy. :slight_smile:

It wasn’t ALL supernatural/alien stuff, IIRC. They took on some true-crime stuff like Jonestown and the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, real-life archaeological/historical searches like the Titanic wreckage (which hadn’t been discovered at the time of airing), missing-person cases like Jimmy Hoffa, and other true-life things.

That’s actually pretty funny. Good for them.

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Yeah, I said I hope for better, not that I expect it.

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Well, of course he thinks it’s aliens. That being is obviously a Centauri!

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Do you suppose he’ll do an episode on the Skeletons of Quinto? :smiley:

Zachary Quinto as everybody’s favorite Vulcan.

Someone just has to post this link.

I haven’t seen but one ISO since they were new. I recently saw the one on the Lost Dutchman Mine (because of the AZ connection - it’s not that far away from where I live (if it even exists)).

It was totally incorrect and full of bogosities. They tried to tie the “mystery” in with some Native American mysticism.

Were they all that bad? (probably)

That’s perfect, I’m in!

Fans of Quinto might want to check out Who We Are Now. He does a very good job in a modest role. Check out my review in the “recent movies” thread.