Malcolm in the middle (of ugly domestic dispute, that is)

Frankie Muniz, best known as Malcolm in the Middle, got into some hot water a few days ago after a fight with his girlfriend:!5761999/malcolm-in-the-middle-of-a-gun+slinging-domestic-dispute

What do you expect, with his dad being a meth dealer?

I love the way it was reported in the press

From Zap2it

Emphasis mine

But it’s funny how they report things that only MAY have happened. Hmmm

That’s sad. Only Bryan Cranston and Cloris Leachman really had success after that series. I understand that the Reese actor is doing behind-the-camera work now, so that may be a third.

Yeah, but Muniz, IIRC, made a crapload of money and had it invested and is “set for life”. Things can certainly change quickly, though.

Jane Kaczmarek had her own TV series, and Erik Per Sullivan is in college at USC. Christopher Masterson has been in five movies and produced three of them.

Always liked the show and figured he would have a career afterwards. Hope this is just a one off and he can get back to doing whatever it is in life that makes him happy.

I know I’m always rooting for domestic abusers.