Male circumcision and masturbation - longer to climax ?

**This is not a thread about the merits or demerits of circumcision or masturbation (please start your own thread if you want to discuss them) ** Also - here is the link to all the euphemisms for masturbation - so need to post them again or appear funny by referring to them.

A male colleague at work, remarked the other day, how his teenage son spends an hour in the bathroom, and then added with an wink as to how we’ve “all been there”. Around 6 years back, another colleague noticed hand lotion in my desk drawer and winked “knowingly” at me.

I’ve learned to pretend, “nod” and “understand” these jokes but I don’t really get them since I am uncircumcised and an immigrant (don’t know why a teenage male would shower for 1 hour). I’ve never needed an hour to masturbate or lotion for that matter.

So whats the straight-dope ? Do circumcised men/teenagers need significantly more time than their uncircumcised counterparts to orgasm ? And is lotion necessary for them ?

time for another SDMB experiment.

As John Lennon said, “Sex is 99% imagination and 1% friction.”

I’m circumcised, but my experience is that Lennon is correct, and I bet it holds regardless.

Always wondered myself, why in US movies the guys needed lotion, since for me it always worked perfectly well without it.

I would assume the son is masturbating repeatedly since it certainly never took me an hour to complete the deed as a teen but I could do it over and over again for quite a while.

Or else it was just hyperbole for “He’s in the bathroom a lot” and not literally an hour.

My small sample size of circumcised men (1) suggests that it takes about 30 seconds and no lubricant is required provided the aforementioned imagination is vivid enough.

Waitasec. OP might be a whoosh, which I tend to doubt, and in which case please ignore this post. Before the TM get too far into providing their well-researched SD on the OP hed per se, OP text as a whole should, as always, be understood. (I personally am a past master in heds that don’t match the OP body). ::Insert drapes/rug joke.::

I am honestly answering to an honest and close reading of OP.

Italics added.

I cannot see how, and am interested to learn why OP thinks the reason he doesn’t “get” the jokes is because he is not

  1. Circumcised
  2. Native born (American?)

It also seems like OP believes 2) subsumes 1), which is false, but I’ll leave that aside for the moment.

And the seeming serious consideration of long showers and (therefore?) lotion either is a dig at native-born people – they have to shower for an hour – or just Latke-like innocence of what a child can see is hyperbole. Now, OP has never used/needed lotion to masturbate before, so that could be a straight-up unprompted question, but since I don’t/won’t read OP as a whoosh, the inference is the people who get the jokes are

2a) Native born and, as such, used to taking 1-hour showers.

I think, am77494, you’re thinking about this is way off base. I am honestly intrigued as to your thought process. What country are you from? Perhaps that would be interesting.
On the other hand, OP hed as stands is is amply worth batting around.

“Need”? How do you know they’re not taking longer than they actually “need” to, in order to prolong the pleasure? In masturbation, as in sex with another person, the goal is not necessarily to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

No, not necessary, but it may increase the pleasure.

I read and re-read your post, made an honest attempt at understanding what you were asking, also looked up Urban dictionary to understand what you mean by Whoosh and hed and …gave up.

I was born and raised in India - if that’s relevant in addition to being an immigrant. Just let me know that the OP is a gross stereotype and the typical american experience is not the same - and I’ll understand.

You are right - I actually do not know that. I would instinctively imagine that circumcision may reduce sensitivity but I don’t know that for sure. So does it take longer to climax ? Statistically speaking ?

I googled it - there seems to be many instances of men claiming they need it.

I couldn’t make heads or tails of that post, either. Anyhow, I’m American-born and uncircumsized, so I never quite fully understood the lube thing either. It would make it less pleasurable for me, but I assume the friction is too much for an uncircumsized penis? I really don’t know as I’ve never discussed it with anyone.

As for the shower thing, one-hour long is a bit of an exaggeration, but I can understand long showers being connected with masturbating. My showers as a kid were certainly longer than usual because, well, it’s not a race to rub one out. Do guys normally just get it done within a minute?

To the OP: Up to this point, no one seems to know. Keep reading.

That should read “too much for a circumcised penis,” of course.

From personal experience, when an uncircumcised male masturbates, the foreskin slides up over the entire glans with the fingers (even when fully erect). No lubrication is necessary, as the skin of the fingers/palm does not actually contact the glans. Of course, lubricant and direct contact become a matter of choice.

From that perspective, it gets more difficult to imagine the issues involved for a circumcised man. If there is not enough loose skin on the penis when erect, then there can only be direct contact with the glans to provide suitable stimulation. And for an uncircumcised male, this would be unthinkable without lubrication - the glans is simply too sensitive, and would get sore. In fact, it can be difficult to understand how a circumcised man copes with clothes, as an uncircumcised man would be in a great deal of discomfort if his glans was exposed to his underwear. So, uncircumcised men assume that there is some level of desensitisation of the glans that may make it more difficult to climax and that lubrication is probably required to allow direct stimulation of the glans during masturbation to achieve climax.

In truth, there is probably enough looseness in the skin of the penis for even a circumcised man to slide it up round the corona and base of the glans, which provides enough stimulation to achieve climax without additional lube. But we uncircumcised are not entirely sure about such things, and when everybody uses euphemisms and makes sly comments with a wink, it doesn’t actually reflect reality. And I think the OP has reached a point where he’d actually like to know. I, personally, don’t really care.

But can we stop beating around the bush and be forthcoming …

For some of us, there is no requirement for “loose skin” nor lube.

Bolding added.

Uncirked here. Speak for yourself. Do agree about cirked guys’ constant exposure to environmental pressures desensitizing the glans, though.

I’ve always considered the use of lube (for guys) to be somewhat mythical - more the purview of porn accoutrements than reality. I mean, the end result is gonna be messy enough - why add to it?

Also, it’s been a rough day. However, over 11 trials, my average time is 42 seconds. Any circumcised guys got their averages yet?

I was circumcised as a baby.
Like the OP I have nothing to compare to.
What you need here is someone who was circumcised as an adult to make the comparison.
Side Note: The link in the OP was funny.

Possible he could be “edging.”

Is he a “reader?”

And there you have it - some people obviously can stimulate the glans directly without lubrication (cut or uncut). Everybody is different.

I suggest a poll - but I’m don’t know how to do it.

Male Masturbatory Methods, 5 options:

  1. Circumcised - no lube
  2. Circumcised - uses lube
  3. Uncircumcised - no lube
  4. Uncircumcised - uses lube
  5. Autofellatio :wink:

Circumcision does result in decreased sensitivity. I don’t know whether any studies have been done regarding the length of time required to orgasm. But yeah, keratinization occurs on a circumcised penis, making the skin of the glans tougher and thicker. It’s reasonable to state that it would take longer to orgasm without the benefit of a foreskin, but how much longer? I dunno.