Male G-spot?

I know this subject is kind of rude, but I’m curious. Like many of you, I’ve received a certain piece of spam (many times, in fact). Here’s an excerpt:

“Never before revealed, because never before known to modern science, the male G-Spot, like the female, is the key to ultimate erotic sensation and loss of control. A simple piece of knowledge–exactly where the male G-Spot is located and exactly how to stimulate it–Can Make Every Man’s And Woman’s Fantasy Come True!”

Of course, anything worded this scientifically just has to be true. I don’t especially want to follow the link given in the spam, but is there anything to this claim?

I’ve done a search of the columns and found nothing specifically regarding a male G-spot, but if this has been dealt with in the message boards, I’d appreciate a link. Thanks.

Nope. Not there.

But on the plus side, we don’t get periods.

No, there isn’t really a male g-spot, but some give the prostate the honors. The best site I’ve found on the subject is this one. I also found a “male g-spot stimulator” that looks suspiciously like a mediaeval torture device. My sphincter clamped shut when I saw it. I refuse to divulge the URL. There could be children watching.

I don’t know where the heck I read this (it was a long time ago), but I heard that prostitutes who had a customer who was, umm, taking his time would massage his prostate. Yes, using precisely the same technique as the doctor does. Apparently it gets the engine revving a bit faster.

In line with this, I knew a woman who would grab me in a certain way (though not as clinically adventurous as the method described above) that convinced me that she’d found my equivalent of a G-Spot.

In some of my more adventurous masturbation session, I have massaged my prostate (yes, I washed my hands afterwards!) with the middle finger of one hand while I masturbated with the other. I can tell you it is very intense, but it’s over very quickly. So a blow job by a prostitute would be over in a hurry (with a thankful john, to boot) with a little prostate massage.

I was getting oral sex from a lady friend. Suddenly, a finger went you know where.

Initial thought: “This is so WRONG!” Clenched sphincter.

Second thought: “Why is this wrong? Nobody’s here but us… Let’s try it and see what happens…”

Let go a little, experience everything going on, relax and YOWZA!!

Verdict: Heightened pleasure considerably, though it did not help me finish any quicker.

Ii could have sworn that Cecil did a column on this, or at least the prostrate as an erogenous area.

Yer pal,

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The G-spot is from Mr. Grafenburg [sp] & is exclusively for women. From the description, on a man, its probably where the nerves are on the penis, just under the head in that triangular area.

examining penis

Triangular area?

I’ve never discovered any such “Holy Grail” of sexual pleasure, and furthermore, anytime my prostate has been stimulated in such a manner (either at my own hand or someone else’s), I’ve found it extremely uncomfortable, bordering on painful, and not pleasant in any way.

Am I therefore a freak?

Ah, yes, the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. I’ve heard you can even exercise this in your car, while stuck in traffic. Thanks for writing.

I think handy means the area on the bottom, just behind the head…?

I’m rethinking my previous post. Anatomically, the male prostate is homologous to the female urethral glands (i.e., derived from the same embryonic tissues). The urethral glands are appaently the source of the “female ejaculate” that is sometimes associated with orgasm that follows stimulation of the G-spot. I have been unable to determine if the urethral glands are the same thing as the g-spot, or just associated with it in some obscure way. They are in roughly the same place, near where the urethra and bladder meet.