Male orgasm without physical stimulation - possible TMI

It’s not my intent to titillate anyone (though feel free!), but I would like to share an erotic experience I enjoyed with the hope that someone else might also try and benefit from it:

Some months ago, I was alone and relaxing in the delight of a private sauna. The combination of heat and being naked almost always causes me to feel aroused. So, given the setting, and being alone, I thought I would try an experiment; I wanted to know if I could ejaculate under will without actually touching myself.

With a particularly vivid fantasy in mind, I quickly became aroused and had to resist the very strong urge to touch myself. The pleasurable sensations went on for a period of about 10 minutes and included several enjoyable rounds of tumescence/detumescence. I wanted to prolong the experience, yet at the same time I was intrigued to know if I could accomplish the desired outcome.

I am pleased to report that I had one of the strongest, most intense orgasms and ejaculations of my life!

Afterward, I had a feeling that I can only describe as “magical”. I felt like I had achieved some kind of mastery over my mind… it took things (to rip off “Mad TV”), to a “hole 'nuther level”!

I kept this a secret, even from my fiancee, for about ten months… I just shared it with her yesterday!

I would like to know if anyone other guys have tried/experienced this, and what the outcome was, and also if any women have done the same.

Just curious! Thanks.

That’s pretty powerful powers of concentration. Most guys can only achieve that while sleeping.

Ommmmmmmmmmmmm my god!

Really? I’m surprised that this so far seems unusual. I looked up “auto ejaculation” (the first term that came to mind) and besides finding sites about having sex in cars, I haven’t been able to find anything on the subject.

Regarding dreaming and nocturnal emissions; I’ve always assumed that ejaculation while asleep is due to actual movement against bedding, etc… though I don’t have any proof of this!

Mind you this noted internet crackpot has written about the subject.

I hope you cleaned up after yourself man.

Yes, I hope by ‘private sauna’ you mean one that you have in your house, which you washed thoroughly afterwards.

I’ve known women to have orgasms without digital stimulation, thanks to Kegel exercizes.

I saw a program once about some really charismatic and scary prisoner somewhere in the U.S. that seduced a prison guard and she helped him escape or something like that. Anyways, she related a similar story that he was able to achieve auto-orgasm. Apparently it was something that turned her on and made him irresistible to her and was part of his seduction.

My Partner can do this easily. He can cum while kissing me or blowing me, without even touching himself. It can also happen while I’m asleep, and he’s just lying there watching me (I’m flattered by this, but feel a little left out). I’ve managed to do it a few times, myself, with tremendous concentration. But not recently.

My partner can do several things that other consider impossible. :wink:

Yup. I have done a few times. Once or twice on public transportation with nobody else catching on. :cool:

(I was really bored)

Oh, of course it’s possible. I’ve cum by just making out with someone I thought was really, really hot.

Also, practice flexing, tensing and sucking your gut in while you’re in that erotic state. It puts pressure on your prostate, and we all know what happens when that gets stimulated, don’t we guys?

That’s what I came in to add.

Not everyone can do that. I basically can’t, but a friend of mine can. He can ejaculate in about 30 seconds while climbing a rope. Any guesses as to when he learned how to do this?

This company makes devices that can do it for you, internally (NSFW, but why would you be reading this thread at work?):

I think it probably works better for those who can do it on their own. I like it, but I don’t use it all the time.

If you get really good at all of this, you can try “edging.” That’s where you prolong an orgasm for as long as you want. And I mean the height of orgasm. We’re starting to get into TMI territory (wait, weren’t we already there?), but sometimes the results are funny. Remember, just as nausea and vomiting are two separate processes, so are orgasm and ejaculation. And lots o’ different parts contribute to the ejaculate, and they don’t all have to release at the same time.

3rd grade gym class? Gym teachers are pervs. I distinctly remember how to gain the “energy rush” needed to climb all the way to the top. :slight_smile:

Good guess!

Paul Feig, who created Freaks and Geeks, has a collection of short stories about being a kid. One of them deals with the rope. I’ve heard stories about the rope all my life, and I always thought that people were rubbing off on it. Well, maybe some are, but mostly what is talked about is the “internal” stuff going on.

I feel like I’m missing out!

I’ve only done it once. I was having a great dream and I started waking up part-way through, eroused and “at full mast” in my half-asleep state I decided to concentrate really hard and flex my muscles and such, eventually achieving the desired result. Great orgasm, though I needed to change my boxers before I went back to sleep :smiley:

I learned to climax without using hands, at age 12 or so. What I needed to do was to go hang from a soccer goal post (forked at the top) by my armpits, legs in the air, and by forcefully tensing my lower body muscles and swinging my legs in the air, I’d come in about ten seconds. Oh, the sweet orgasms before much semen output!(naturally, I had to keep my pants on).

Later I learned that guys masturbate by stroking their penis by hand. It felt like nothing, I thought I had a much better system figured out. Jerking off is much more convenient than finding a soccer goal to hang from, though, so I grudgingly made the transition once I started the growth spurt (and massive ejaculations).

I’ve often wondered if I could still get off without touching my dick. I still feel some of my best orgasms ever came via that method.

Dude, you’re like a Jedi Master of masturbatory skills. The force is strong with you my son.

Why would this work? Where is the advantage?

I agree with SHAKES, this sounds like some advance grandmaster masturbation technique.

Relevant youtube link

Beats me(at). It just does.