Mammals take 21 seconds to evacuate bladders; is there a similar time for coitus?

According to several reports, regardless of their size, mammals take on average 21 seconds to evacuate their bladder. You might try timing yourself!

Is there also an average length of time of coitus for mammals? Could there be any reason for these two to be related?

Yeah, I’m a healthy male and I generally take much longer than 21 seconds.

No, not in any meaningful sense. Compare a canid like a wolf where a physical tie can last for half an hour vs. seconds for a rabbit.

I don’t know that the average tells us all that much in this case. The standard deviation is 13 seconds, which means the actual numbers have to cover a pretty wide range.

The difference is that my wife doesn’t care how long it takes me to pee.


Thanks for letting us know there’s at least one kink you and your wife don’t have. :stuck_out_tongue:

Horse - seconds. Lion - days.

I don’t think so.

And another thing which might suggest no correlation with anything is that while a sloth does practically everything extremely slowly:

Actually, length of time for insemination is more definable, and perhaps correlated in a sensible manner to body type or physiology of the male.

Then throw in insemination time being different than “orgasm time” and things get difficult again.

I don’t see how that average of 21 seconds to urinate can be accurate.
I know personally that I take considerably longer than I did as a teenager 50 years ago!
Unless that ‘average’ is a mean average, with a big range of variability.