Man am I in trouble now!

I asked the nice lady at the SDMB people pages to put a photo of me at the annual crab fest in the people pages. I put some text into the photo via Adobe that said “Regional Manager’s wife and I mugging at annual crab fest”. The text has disappeared off the photo and well, it looks a little umm… cozier between the Regional’s wife and myself than I anticipated.

Better find a new picture fast.

I feel your pain, man! I shudder when I think of the controvercy sparked off when MY picture went up!:eek:

When I looked at your picture earlier today, I just assumed that was your wife!


I just noticed something!! astro and I registered on the same day, only he registered about 6 hours earlier than me… I tried for the username “Astro” but it was already taken!:mad:

Why I oughtta…


Um… I’m just gonna slink off and hope this thread dies before anyone sees that last post…

Damn, am I dumb!!

The REALLY funny part is that (at the time of this posting), you two have exactly the same post count (1292).


I double-checked the thread, and Astro’s LAST post (“I’m just gonna slink off…”) screwed up my poor vision, and I didn’t notice that he made a third post, and, well…

Okay, so they don’t have the same post count. Apparently, SPOOFE is bad at reading comprehension at 3:42 AM. Sue me.

The absolutely hilarious part is that SPOOFE kant reed :smiley:

And goddammit if he didn’t correct that already while I previewed. Leave it to me to ruin a good joke.

Hey, don’t mess with me, Coldy, I gots powers of… y’know… stuff.

So how ARE things over there in that different time zone of yours? I reckon it’s early morning rather than late at night…

OK, I didn’t slink… I lied! I stuck around to see who was gonna make fun of me!

Thank you SPOOFE! No lawsuit from me: your screw-up helps to draw attention from MINE!

Hijack over [sup]I hope![/sup]

FTR: it’s 7:50PM here… time for dinner!


Ice Wolf pushes great big neon sign onto the stage, featuring the words within a gigantic flashing arrow: HEY! ASTROBOY14 MADE A BOO-BOO RIGHT HERE!

There. Feel noticed, now?

Ice Wolf! Don’t taunt me… or I shall… uh… I shall… uh… pee on your foot!!