Man beheads girlfriend on Santorini island

Story here

First Canada, now Greece. Two beheadings in a week. Why am I thinking of Charles Nelson Riley as ‘The Great Hoodoo’ chortling ‘How’s that for a topper?’

Beheading trifecta now in play.

I’m looking for a hat trick.

I tell ya, if this keeps up we’ll all be like Bertram de Born

This is one of those viral trends that I have a difficult time getting behind. I think decapitation is kind of oogy.

Yeah, it seeps a bit…

America CANNOT let this challenge go unanswered. I have every faith that one of my fellow countrymen will top Canada and Greece before long.



St. Louis?

Surely one of the top three can help this along!

I was recently at the Tom Waits show at the Fabulous Fox! Thank you Metrotix. Some how I got the stuff all over me.

Oops wrong thread.

I just looked at the linked story. Right in the middle was an ad for Dove Hair Care. :eek: :smack:

We have Lorena Bobbitt. Different head, though.

What’s with the police there? According to this, he stole one of the police cars and then when they tried to shoot him they shot a bystander, sounds like quite a scene.

Well, with the Canadian incident, we have beheading & cannibalism. Only one thing that can top that… :eek:

Oh, good, now the other countries can stop looking at us funny. whew

(That’s really horrible and tragic, and I hope nothing else remotely like this happens again.)

Not St Louis…at least not this week. I’m gonna be there and don’t want beheadings going on. Especially if it involves my head.

All in the same incident? On the bus? He took time to snack?

This post made me laugh out loud.

After all the work of beheading someone, one needs a little nosh.

Eh, beheadings happen all the time. Like the “shark attack!” stories, it’s just the media paying more attention to them.

I just threw up a little.