Man Dressed As Tetris Box Sought Over Assault

Man dressed as Tetris box sought over assault

:: doffs sunglasses ::

Looks like all the pieces…

:: dons sunglasses ::

…are falling into place.


If someone is determined enough to assault someone else while dressed as a clunky Tetris piece, then let them have at it IMO

They’re called Tetriminos.

No police sketch of the suspect? :smiley:

I imagine the police line up:

“Reverse squiggly”?
“Reverse L block”?
“T block”?
“L block”?
“Liiiiine piece!”

… Make up your mind sir!

Kids today. Back in my day we’d assault people while dressed up as asteroids, and dammit, we were happy about it!

I wonder how the defense will spin the client’s behavior.

If the block don’t fit, you must acquit.

Which block was he? I bet he was one of those goddamned “Z” shaped pieces. What can you expect from those pieces, always starting something.

Box suggests the square, but I don’t trust these news reports either.

I understood “Tetris box” to mean the actual cardboard box that a game cartridge comes in. Who calls the game pieces “boxes”?

Did Tetris ever come in a box? I thought it was freeware.

Gameboy box and such. I think we might need a Kiwi > North American translator.

No, it was a commercial release, on all systems (and there was no such thing as ‘console freeware’ until this decade, so the very popular Nintendo versions (there were 2, one official, one not) clearly weren’t), but it was heavily pirated, and there were countless knockoffs.

By “box”, it might mean the square shape, which would be one of the easier pieces to make a costume for. Unlike a Z shape, which would be more like an instrument of medieval torture. When Kim Il-Jong played human tetris, you just knew you were trouble if you got a “Z”.

Ah, OK. I first encountered it on a Mac back in 1989. It must have been pirated.

Tetris box.


But myself, I preferred dressing as an A shaped rocket ship. And that hyperspace jump feature came in damn handy when escaping the scene of the crime. Though due to its random jump destination feature, you could accidently end up jumping right into the jailhouse :smack:

Thie thread title gave me a much needed giggle (work lurking).

Then I read the article and felt a bit ashamed.

Those damned South Islanders making us look bad!

Can’t stop giggling at the thought though. Love the responses here.

I believe this video might be prior evidence of the suspect practicing his techniques.

I just want to point out that the OP here is really a thing of beauty.