Man forces baby to smoke pot, fractures her skull, but did not intend to harm her?

Please someone explain to me why Britain ever did away with hard labour sentences for someone like this? I know the death sentence is a minefield, but surely this…person…deserves to spend years of his life labouring away, pondering his actions?

HE deserves more than 4 and a half no question about it. Fucking idiot.

What’s the maximum you can get for GBH away? Also isn’t 19 a bit old to go to a young offender institution?

I hadn’t even noticed he was off to a YOI. I take it they’re a softer environment than a standard prison?

The gimp should be carting barrow loads of rubble for road building, or something similarly strenous. 5 years of that, preferably in the rain, seems like the right sort of backdrop for contemplation on what he did.