Man found dead inside a dinosaur statue

There are Covingtons in TN and IL.

I’ll see your stegosaurus and raise you a winery fan:

His Facebook profile says he was a cashier at a BP. I wonder if the trailer he was found in delivered to that BP.

Someone tried to get some dinosaur food to feed it.

Man dies after falling into grain silo in southern Taiwan

I learned recently that grain entrapment deaths are fairly common, with a remarkably detailed (and quite interesting) Wiki account.

I recall reading online somewhere a tale told by an adult of losing their older brother in a grain entrapment event on the family farm when the decedent was then a young teen and the story teller was about 5 or 7. It was not a pretty picture.

It might have been here on SDMB. But I can’t say for sure.

Bullshit. It ATE him! I cite the documentary, “Night at the Museum”.

I don’t know how accurate the claim is but the numerous entrapment deaths due to Buffalo’s antiquated equipment have been credited with inspiring Mr. Dart to create his elevator.