Man gets free cable for four of course, he SUES!!

Sometimes I really think we need a loser-pays court system.

I think we need to conduct a scientific experiement. I’ll volunteer to have my cable hooked up for free, and continued for the next four years. We can then see if his claim is substanciated by comparing his family to mine.

The ability of the American public to disallow responsibility constantly amazes me.

Kind of an unusual threat coming from a Wisconsonian, wouldn’t you say?

Is it that F***ing hard to manually disconnect the cable going to the TV and hide the cable or put it somewhere so the wife can’t just reconnect it again?

And the guy asked for THREE COMPUTERS and LIFETIME INTERNET ACCESS? I have had cable TV all my life. I have had a computer with internet access for about 4 years. I spend about twice as much time on the computer than I do watching TV.

However to some affect… atleast him and his family would be exercising ALL of their fingers rather than just their thumbs…

They no doubt lacked the strength to depress the power button on the TV.

Who do I sue because of the free porn I get from the internet? Al Gore?

Shouldn’t that be “whom”? Read a book, ya mindless addicted internet surfing slacker!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does he ACTUALLY believe that he’ll get ANY of the stuff he’s asking for?!

But, it’s not our fault. We weren’t taught to be responsible.

Somebody ought to sue somebody else about that.

Nope, who is correct in this case. Whom is used when it’s the object of a preposition. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, this guy’s an idiot. Please move this to the Pit so we can give him what he deserves.

If that is the same Charter Cable Co. that I had here in California, then the guy has a case. I “fired” them about 9 yrs ago and went to The Dish. Been happy ever since.
Uhm excuse me for a moment. [whisper whisper whisper]

Oops the guy is upset ABOUT tv, not the specific cable company. But then again why is he suing this Cable company and not the inidividual Cable stations in some kind of “no class” suit, hmmm.

They should go with the $5,000. Otherwise, in another 4 years, he’ll be suing them over an Internet addiction.

Are you kidding? Have you seen the sort of damage that $5,000 worth of Doritos can do?

I’m getting free cable right now, actually. The neighbors got their cable hooked up, and I’m suddenly getting the channels from the price range up. I don’t plan to talking to the courts anytime soon, though.

Why’s he suing the cable company? You’d think he’d have a better chance suing the TV company that obviously sold him a TV with no “off” button.


Are we being “whooshed”? If not, I want to sue, too. Why?

Why not?

Non american here. I don’t mean to be rude to anyone but, guys, can anyone else see that such a lawsuit should never even get noticed by authorities. Kinda sad, no?

I got free cable for a few years back in the 80’s. Moved into a new apartment, hooked up the TV, and there it was. I didn’t bother to tell the cable company about it, so it kept working the whole time I lived there.

Come to think of it, I am a bit overweight …

The 80s were fifteen years ago, man. Stop living in the past!

And pass the cannolis over here, the Sopranos is on next.