Man, I can start a debate - patting myself on the back

Back in April '04, I posted a thread on the Car Talk message board, disputing something Ray said on the air. I haven’t been hugely active on that message. mainly lurking.

Today, I went back there to post a question about my car, and while I was there I checked out my thread. It turns out the debate lasted 18 months! After all of dozens of threads I’ve started on this board that have disappeared without a trace, it’s good to see that I still have the ability to get a lot of people pissed off at each other. :smiley:


That’s why they shoot the zombies round these parts…

I’m not reading that behemoth… did either of the Tappit (sp?) brothers check in on the debate? Is that more or less common there than a post from Cecil here?

No, unless they use different board names. I haven’t spent a huge amount of time there, but I haven’t seen either there at all.


I find it slightly amusing that a lawyer is advocating breaking traffic laws. :smiley:

Oh, this lawyer advocates breaking much more than traffic laws. Want a toke? :smiley: (I kid, I kid).

That was one of the ironies about that thread - in my personal day-to-day existence, I am one of the few that routinely obeys* the posted speed limit. My commute is 14 miles up a two-lane coastal road, heavily trafficked by bicyclists, and littered with speed traps. The speed limit is 35 mph, and traffic flows at 35-38 mph. When the road is empty, as it often is in the off-season, I do the same speed.
'Course, when I get on the interstate, as I occasionally do, I travel at 70 mph, along with the rest of traffic.
My favorite moment in that thread was when some law-abiding feller called me a vigilante. :smiley: