"Man In The Arena" Tom Brady Series on Hulu


I’m pretty apathetic on Tom Brady but this show, which I think just aired it’s 1st episode the night before last, is good. REALLY good. If you like football, I cannot imagine that you will not like this. It’s very well done. Check it out!

Is it “The Last Dance” good? (The Bulls championship run documentary series.) That series was fascinating, and I was never a Bulls fan and haven’t been an NBA fan since I was a teenager.

I think so, although I must confess I only watched “The Last Dance” up until the Dennis Rodman episode, and I have read many of the books over the years, so Michael Jordan the asshole is well represented.

This episode focuses on the rise of Brady vis a vis the incumbent superstar QB Bledsoe. It’s pretty epic.

NFL Films never fails to output a high quality product. With the access they have and the footage they get, even their stuff on teams you hate will bring a tear to your eye.

I’ve only watched a little bit of this but yeah it’s really good.