man killed with a shoe

Regarding this news article, is this the first shoe-related death on record?

I wonder if she’s related to Random Task?

I’ve several stories of people being beaten to death with shoes, here is the only one I could find a cite for:
Also an Israel settler was accused of beating to death a ten year-old Palestinian with his shoe in 1996.

The shopkeeper and his son, that’s a different story altogether. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes.

the first shoe-related death on record?

Are you excluding situations where the shoe is on someone’s foot at the time?

Just an update on the case in the OP. From this article,

I’m shoe she did.

I say Zero Tolerance for shoe-floggers. :mad:

Spoiler for Single White Female:

Steven Weber’s (the “irresponsible” brother from Wings) character is killed by a quick whack to the template with a stilleto if I recall correctly…