Man steals poop

Ha ha, today’s breaking news.

Did a real new story actually use the term “turd burglar”?

news story, even.

:smack: See, the way you said it, I thought he kept the bag…

It bears repeating:

A real case of derring-doo.

Lady: “That bag is full of poo!”

Turd Burglar: “Aww, shit.”

Lady: “Exactly.”

That Misty is leading one charmed life. She’s got one person pickin’ up her poo, another trying to steal it and guns don’t fire when they’re pointed at her. That’s some prime breedin’ stock right there.

This seems to happen every couple of years. I know I’ve read similar stories before. Including one where the LOL victim said "I only wish there had been a little more in the bag. "

I haven’t laughed that hard in a loooong time.

I thought the same thing.

Thanks for that, my sister and I were in stitches.

Had he struck only moments earlier, he would have scared the shit out of Misty.

You know, if someone’s going to be charged with the theft of poo, it’s certainly nice not to see breaking and entering mentioned.

The AP Style Manual, by the way, doe not include the term “turd burglar.” Just sayin’.

The MSNBC story is considerably less funny.

This reminds me of the time back in high school when 3 of my friends pooped into a nice gift bag, placed a little tissue paper over top, sprinkled the tissue paper with a few rose petals and left it intentionally on top of a pay phone at the local convienance store to see people’s reactions when they looked inside. This one guy as he’s leaving the parking lot passes the pay phone and gets halfway to the street before stopping and backing up to the pay phone. At this point me and all my friends are shitting our pants laughing at the comedy (penis) that is about to ensue. The guy gets out of his car wearing a dark security guard uniform, snatches the bag, gets into his car and drives away! We all pile into a friends car to follow him, figuring as soon as he reaches inside he will throw the bag out his window or something. The guy drives across town, pulls into a construction site, gets out of his car and goes to work keeping vandals out of the building under construction. We waited around for a half hour or so waiting for something, or anything really to happen. We get bored and leave, but I went back the next morning with a friend to see if the bag was laying around on the ground or in the dumpster but it was nowhere to be seen. I still wonder what the hell that guy did with that bag. I guess he moved to California and is working on furthering his collection.

From a Firesign Theater gameshow skit:

Contestant: This bag is full of shit!

Host: But, it’s great shit, Mrs. Preske!