Man, this hurts.

I don’t know whether to call it

gotta soak.

“Typing With One Hand”, “Second Dumbest Thing I Ever Did”, or “Why Does God Hate Me?”

gotta soak 'em both.

OK, baggie of peas in the micro gotta soak wave was swollen up like a tick…you’re all way ahead of me, aren’t you? burned my thumbs a little bit…at least i didn’t ask for help on the dope, but googled ‘treat second degree burns’. ma gotta soak both yo clinic says to soak in cold water. makes me need to pee. typing with one hand, did you notice goota soak both.
God hates me, yes She does.


Did you try to make pan-fried…semen?

Since I burned both thumbs, I’ll take that as a compliment goota soak

No, having my hands in water makes me need to pee.