Manfredi and Johnson (TEGWAR)

This might be a fun exercise if people can avoid Googling and referring to IMDb.

A little while ago these names crept into my consciousness and I scratched my head trying to remember where and when I had heard of them. After I was pretty sure I knew the answer I did in fact check with a search of the web.

If you know them straightaway say so. If not, and you have to search for them, after you find them, and you want to, advance another puzzling question or tidbit of trivia.

I didn’t want to go to The Game Room for this, since I would hope it could remain a Café Society exercise. But I’m okay with it being moved once the replies indicate that’s preferable.

Anyway it’s a “make up the rules as we go along” sort of thing. Sort of a TEGWAR. (another movie trivia thing – name the source!)

Running Man

Damn got it wrong. If you want this to be an ongoing thing it probably should be the Game Room.

Okay with me on the move.

Stalag 17 and Bang the Drum Slowly

[Also Penguins of Madagascar but it was Stalg 17 that was in the back of my mind

Once I looked it up the movie started playing in my head. I’ve watched it many times.


Easy one! The two GIs gunned down by the Germans at the start of*** Stalag 17***.

Now give us a real challenge! :cool:

Crap! :mad:

TEGWAR—something to do with Shatner’s TechWar series? Dunno, never watched it. (I was probably out of the country at the time.)

Pretty obvious to me – I’ve seen the movie plenty of times, and have read and re-read the play. But I didn’t know about the second one cited by Zeldar, since I’ve never seen it.

Okay. Seeing that we have a few guesser/player types but (so far) only my questions, I’ll add Crazy Guggenheim for the older crowd (as if the other names weren’t already! :slight_smile: )

Piece o’Cake

character on The Jackie Gleason Show, a drunk who came into the bar tended by Gleason’s character. I can’t recall the actor’s name right now, though, without Googling.

Jackie Gleason.

You said, “I can’t recall the actor’s name right now, though, without Googling.”

Aha! I can’t either! My stab will be (until I Google to be sure): Somebody Fontaine – I’ll go with Frank

Damn! That’s right! :smack:

Yes. He had a remarkable singing voice. As part of the routine, he would first tell jokes in the idiot Crazy Guggenheim persona, then Joe would ask him to do a song, which he would perform beautifully.