"March Against Sharia"

Today, in various locations across the country, will be staged a March against Sharia.

Just in case anyone is in any doubt about the purpose of this set of coordinated marches, here is one Billy Roper from Arkansas (surprise!)

I thought about Great Debates for this thread, but there’s no real debate here. If any single marcher can tell me one single true thing about Sharia and the way it functions in Muslim communities, I will be really, really surprised. This is just anti-Muslim bigotry, and they picked the scare word that they thought would get the most traction.

On the other hand, I’m not putting this in the Pit because it really is pointless. Stupid people will be stupid, fearful people will be afraid, bigoted people will be both stupid and afraid. Nothing much to see here.

Can someone organise a march for Shania at the same time?

A “March against Law”? What do they have against the US Constitution?

The people behind this have disavowed the march in Arkansas, because of the racist organizer.

What? Not racist enough?

That would be beautiful!

Since these people are apparently so proudly in favor of the 1st Amendment’s non-establishment clause, I assume that they will next be doing a march against Dominionism? I mean, if you are against the former, so deeply concerned about religion, ANY religion, being imposed upon those citizens who do not want it to be imposed on themselves, you MUST be against the latter too, right?

When that set of marches gets announced, sign me right TF up!

Maybe the Country Music Association.

What comes to mind for many of us as a part of sharia is stoning people to death for adultery.

That’s something in common with Christianity.

I can’t tell the tense of your contraction, but I’ll assume you mean “was”, not “is”. Right?

The anti-Sharia folks in the OP’s link are loons, for sure, but let’s not set up a false equivalency here.

It’s been taken out of the Bible? Hadn’t heard that.


Isn’t this fear of Sharia law similar to the bathroom nonsense?
Spewing hate in the name of a non-existent problem?

As they say, Good News.

When was the last time you heard of Christians regularly stoning/executing* women for adultery, though? The 1600s? You know what PastTense meant. The people described in the OP are assholes, but c’mon, this is weaksauce.

*And in Christian societies, most women were burned at the stake, rather than stoned.

A few years ago we had a thread about a teenage girl who went to court over a prayer banner at her high school which resulted in the banner being removed.
She received numerous death threats along with being threatened with rape.
A state legislator called her evil.

Has Christianity really progressed that far?

A decade or so ago in Montgomery, Alabama, the chief justice of the state supreme court thought it a good idea to have a monument to the Ten Commandments prominently displayed in the courthouse.

Okay, you have a point there. However, we don’t have laws demanding it, which is what I thought you were referring to. If that’s not what you meant, then I apologize.

More the fact that these same people would support a Christian form of religious law without hesitation.

Even Trump said that women who have abortions should be punished and there was little objection from the religious Right.