Marcie's birthday

Today, September 15, is my darling Marcie’s birthday. She is now fifty-something to my sixty-two. We celebrated last night by visiting a restaraunt/lounge featuring 50s and 60s music, provided by a group called Flashback. Flashback bills itself as “A dynamic six-member band whose only desire is to get you on the dance floor.” Over a four hour period, I think we sat out maybe three numbers, so they certainly fulfilled their desire with us. Otherwise, we danced our aging bodies to shreds and completely enjoyed the evening. Today has been a day of recovery as us old folks just don’t snap back the way we once did.

Well, this is MPSIMS, isn’t it?

LouisB…the love you feel for your Marcie has always impressed me, and I’m SO glad you had such a good time celebrating her birthday! But most of all, I am very happy that you found each other.

Happy Birthday Marcie…sorry so late, but the board went down before I saw this.

Much Love to the both of you…you are very lucky to have found each other.


PS…my sister was eleven when I was born, and already listening to music of which you speak. I would venture to say that I was listening to “golden oldies” when I was in the womb, and that music formed the basis for my musical tastes. I LOVE the music of the 50’s and 60’s!!! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you, and please believe me…I MEAN that!

Happy birthday Marcie. Wishing you a great day, a great year and a great life.

Here’s hoping you had a wonderful birthday, Marcie!