Marcie's Sex Dream

A few mornings ago, my Darling Marcie and I were talking. After a few minutes of chit chat, she said she had had a sex dream. (She and I often share our dreams.) She dreamed she was in a place with a large number of doors. In the dream, she would open a door, have sex with the man behind that door, open another door, have sex with the man behind that door, and so on. “I must have opened fifty doors” was her comment on the matter. The men behind the doors were of all shapes, sizes, creeds, colors, and national origins. Most were naked when she opened the door but a few were clothed. The sex was mostly straight, with a few kinks from time to time and (usually) no foreplay. No more details; she’d kill me if she knew I posted this.

Comments are solicited, especially from the ladies amongst us.

Must have been one heck of a long dream. :eek:

Or a lot of really quick, unsatisfying sex!

Damn! I wondered who the hell that lady was banging on my door in her PJs last night.

Guess I should’a opened the damned door.
Seriously tho’. I’m curious why the OP asks? Surely, you don’t think this is a reflection on your friends character do you?

I only ask because it sounds like a typical (All be-it a humorous) sex dream to me.

Dear Penthouse, I never thought it would happen to me…

Very minor and anal nitpick: It’s “albeit.”

Sounds like she’s looking for a reaction, maybe tryin’ to feel you out?

“So, Louis, how many friends do you have…?”

Or maybe she just thought it was weird and wanted to tell you about it. Like the time I dreamt I had sex with a faceless man on a table at the McDonalds…doesn’t mean anything, but weird enough to warrant telling a friend about it.

Well, actually…


I don’t think Marcie’s dream means anything, except that she might need a thorough rogering :wink: . I have an extremely vivid dream life, and have dreamt of any number of wild, fantastical things (I was dead once, have been on many other planets, just about anything you can think of). I think the important thing in dreams is how you feel about them; if Marcie wasn’t upset about the dream, I don’t think it had any significance beyond her brain filing away her day. Not that she had sex with 50 men in her day. Just doing its brainy thing that it does every night.

You mean like the men behind the doors? :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it wasn’t Monty Hall behind every door.

Now that would be a kinky dream.

No, she told me she got off every time.

I know the dream doesn’t mean anything—its just a dream. I have a very blah dream life and this dream of Marcie’s seemed like a fun thing to write about, that’s all.

LouisB, You don’t live in an apartment building, do you? If so, you may want to ask Marcie if she has a history of sleepwalking.

I have some dreams where I fly, but it doesn’t mean I want to go to pilot school.

So, this thread isn’t about Peanuts Porn?

Can’t be–this Marcie was having sex with men.

I’m not even asking if there is Peanuts Porn on the internet, because I’m pretty sure I know the answer.