Margaret Cho makes me poop!

Okay, not really. That’s more due to the burrito I ate before the show, which, while tasty, has caused me to defecate no less than four time so far today.

The show (at the Improv in DC last night) was really good, although really different from most of her standup and specials-she got REALLY dirty (not bad , just slightly unexpected-lesbian fisting!)and towards the end, she did a lot of personal-revelation type stuff that was just weird.

Anyhow, anyone else seen her live? What’d you think?
Any other Dopers at the show last night?

I like Ms. Cho too, and although I’ve never seen her perform a show live, I did see her speak at a GLBT march in DC. (The march was televised on CSPAN) She was pretty raw there, as well, although no less entertaining. The only channel I’ve seen her performances (except for the march above) is Comedy Central, which has standards for language.

I have noticed that comedians who are recording their shows for broadcast tend to tone their act down. MrRobyn and I saw George Carlin a few months before he taped one of his HBO specials. The show we saw was a trial run for some of the material he would perform for HBO, and it was quite a bit angrier and edgier than what was shown on cable. This is taking into consideration that HBO allows explicit language. I suppose it’s the fact that HBO shows to a much broader audience than a live show in Harrisburg, PA.