Mariah Carrey singing with Rush?

Step right up Coldie, get your tickets and albums, her screamingness just could team up with Rush.

[ul][li]Don’t scare a man like that.[/li]What in the name of Zeuss’ Butthole are you talking about?[/ul]

Yeah, I think my brain just leapt out my ear. OW!

You cannot make an assertion like that without providing some back up!

Okay, now that Fletch has spilled the beans on my “evil birthday present for Coldy plot”, what am I going to get him now???!?!?!?


Slightly ironic, that this thread should get started at the same time pldennison starts a thread about seeing Aimee Mann. (Well, I said slightly.)

Sorry Coldie, I just thought it was time for you to get a jump start.

Who’s going to be hitting the high notes, then, Mariah or Geddy? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Get a jump start?”

Dude, by the time you drag your Mariah-loving ass out of bed, I’ve already consumed enough cafeine to jump start 27 grown mules!

Great! the 2 singers capable of summoning dolphins on one cd.

Anyone taking bets on the song they are going to release?

5/1 on it being “You’re the one that I want” from Grease. :slight_smile:

I can see Geddy and Mariah doing “Don’t Go Breakin My Heart.” I’m sure that Elton would give his blessing.

Um, definitely Mariah. God, Geddy sings high, but I’m sure that dog-whistle stuff is out of his range.


Coldy, please move this to the Pit, so I can flame Fletch from here to Toronto for even insinuating that the Great Ged’s voice is full of “screamingness.”

Grr… :mad:


“Forgive them Geddy, for they know not what they do.”

*Originally posted by Delta-9 *

Sure, maybe now. You’ve obviously never heard the original recording of The Temples of Syrinx :slight_smile:

Oh, and Fletch… thou committest blasphemy when thou proposeth such a thing… thy penance shall be an hundred listenings of the entire Rush library of musick.

Montfort, I didn’t say Geddy was “sceamingness” I said Mariah Carrey was “screamingness”. I didn’t compare Geddy to a dog whistle either, hey where the hell is the dog catcher when you need him.

You know, to round the sound out, we could include Barbara Streisand and Dwight Yoakum.

[as Chevy Chase] Just not right together, I thought that’s what you meant [/Chevy Chase]

“. . .Sure, maybe now. You’ve obviously never heard the original recording of The Temples of Syrinx :)”

You don’t know me very well. That was one of the first Rush songs I ever learned on guitar. Man I spent hours learning that whole album. I can play those songs in my sleep.

Even in his prime, I bet Geddy couldn’t sing higher than Mariah. Not that anyone would want to.

You’re right, I didn’t know that! Very cool.

Pardon the “new guy eagerness”, but it sure is nice to have a bunch of fellow Rush fans to chat with :slight_smile:

well, there is that!

I’d be hard pressed to find five words that, when put together, are more wrong than this. Maybe “genital piercing with rusty nail”, but not by all that much.


Don’t SCARE me like this, people!!

waits for breathing to return to normal