Mariners' Felix Hernandez pitches perfect game [edited title]

Just in case any of you want to watch.

Thank you! I managed to catch the very last pitch on, but they took down the live feed after about 60 seconds of celebration. It was a “live look in”.

27 up,27 down!

Against TB, no less.Hasn’t TB been on the losing end of several Perfect games/No Hitters the last couple of years?

Just read that was the 3rd time TB has been Perfected.

I followed the GameCast for a few innings and switched over to the live feed just in time to see the celebration at the moud.

And one other no-hitter, with all of that coming since 2009. I think the working theory was that it’s because they strike out a lot. Hernandez struck out 12 batters, which is the third-most ever in a perfect game behind Koufax and Matt Cain (14) and Randy Johnson (13). And he finished really strong, striking out the side in the sixth and the eighth and the first and third batters in the ninth. I’m already curious to see an analysis of where this stacks up against other perfect games. Cain’s ranked very high on the list of best pitching performances ever, and I figure this one will, too. By my count Hernandez only allowed five fly outs, and I think the last one was in the fifth inning. That goes with eight groundouts and two line outs, although I don’t know how hard those were hit. Here’s a game recap.

That was some kind of dominance. Felix’s stuff only got filthier as time passed - his work in the eight inning, in particular, was something else. Perfect command of a deadly arsenal. The Rays never stood a chance.

I haven’t seen a replay or anything, but I don’t think there were even any particularly dramatic defensive plays in this one. I saw there was a groundball that got past the third baseman and was picked up by the shortstop, so it looked a little dicey but I think it was really just a grounder to short.

My Mod edited thread title looks silly in combination with my OP

The rest of the entire American League has been perfectoed 4 times in the last 27 years.

This perfect game stuff is getting silly. If it keeps happening this often it won’t be such a special thing anymore.

I can’t explain it, either. I know, there’s less hitting now than there used to be, but the amount of hitting now is no worse than it was in, say, 1992, or 1976, or 1965, and you didn’t have gobs of perfect games then.