Mario Brothers/Nintendo

Okay, just a simple question. How many of you game-playing people have ever jumped over the flagpole in the original Mario Brothers game? I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this except for myself, it happened on Valentine’s Day back in '89 or '90 at about 3am. After missing the pole and getting on the other side, I ran to the right of the screen and it started to scroll. I still had plenty of time left on the counter and continued to run alongside the brick wall. I thought I was going to find some “magical place” but when my time ran out, my Mario did that little jump in the air and died. Didn’t even get bonus points, hmph! I hope I don’t get replies saying that what I did is impossible, because it DID happen. Anyone have contacts over at Nintendo that might know about the programming?

This probably isn’t the right forum, but I’ve definetly done it.

Yes. Almost every time I’ve played it. No big deal.

Done it a few times. Pissed me off the first time that it never went anywhere.

I used to work for Nintendo and did the flagpole jump before. But that was over ten years ago. Can’t even remember what was over on the right side, but I think it does just keep scrolling until your time runs out.

This is odd… Whenever I managed to jump over the flagpole, Mario would freeze in mid-jump just as he passed over the pole, and I’d get full bonus points. Perhaps I had a later version of the cartridge, and they fixed it? Mine was the version with “Duck Hunt”, and would have been from about 1989.

Same thing always happened with me too. I had the Super Mario/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet triple cartride version. Maybe I just sucked… :slight_smile: I couldn’t even do it with the “Turbo” button on the NES Max controller.

I did it, just once. Kept runnin’ forever.


I did it on a version that had Duck Hunt also on it, so it may have been a certain edition of what Chronos was describing. Whenever I did Mario just kept running till time ran out as previously descibed.

I know I’ve done it. Mny times. But I haven’t played nintendo since I was 9, so I honestly have no idea what happened. I think I got a bonus, and went to the next level.

I seem to remember that if you cleared the flagpole, then jumped on it from the other side, you would get extra points.

God that sounds a little disturbed, doesn’t it? :smiley:

I’ve only done it with Game Genie. If I remember correctly, After I jumped over I continued to the right a bit, then I couldn’t go any furthur. I couldn’t go back to the left either, since you can’t go left in SMB. I was stuck, and when time ran out, I started at the beginning of the stage.

Since the game was programmed to end the stage once you got to the flagpole (except for x-4 stages), there is no stage data beyond the flagpole, you end up running forever. You get no bonus, no nothing. You also don’t get any extra points for jumping onto the flag pole from the right side.

If you’d like to give it a whirl, I recommend stage 2-1. A well-timed leap off of the trampoline can do it.

Just have to correct you a bit. Sorry, but the game is actually Super Mario Bros. Mario Bros. is another classic arcade game altogether.

IIRC, I’ve done this too. I believe that I jumped from the other side and made the flag pole. It never occurred to me to look on the other side, where some of you ran out of time. Of course, I suck at finding things in video games, and I think this illustrates that beautifully.