Mark Levin Brooch

What is the brooch on Mark Levin’s right lapel?

I don’t know, but the image cuts away to video, too fast anyway to get a good look at it.

I opened the image in the link in a new tab, then bigafied it. I don’t recognize it.

It’s a John Wayne pin (the actor).


This is what is being discussed?

I couldn’t find a match, even when searching for John Wayne pins.

A long time ago I looked it up, the first time he appeared with the pin he explained it’s because he likes John Wayne.

ETA: Example of his adoration of John Wayne:

Happy Birthday John Wayne on YouTube by LevinTV



Do you have a higher res photo of the pin?

Not besides google images, I’m pretty sure he had it custom made.


Found a source to back Max up.


There are a bunch of videos archived here the last two show Mark Levin talking about what Max described.

Found the broadcast archived on the Internet Archive:

“This is unique, at least to me. I am and always have been a big fan of John Wayne, one of my favorite actors if not my favorite actor. And so when this became available, this pin, this is from Wayne Enterprise, and somebody who was a very good employee would get one of these pins. I don’t know the rest of the history, you see the diamonds around it? I’m a very good employee.”


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When you said it was specific to him I looked up Mark Levin John Wayne Pin and it turned up right away.

…how in the world does that pin represent John Wayne??? ETA: rereading the explanation, it does not, it is a pin given by John Wayne’s company to his employees. Got it.

Can’t believe I found the answer to my question! I made an account just so i could show my appreciation! Thank you :slight_smile: