Mark McGwire's salary

Mark signed a 2 year 30 million salary extension recently. He probably could have signed for 25 million a year, but he didn’t. He did not use an agent to negotiate the deal.

How much did he save by not using an agent? What percentage would an agent usually command for working out a contract like that?

Agent fees are negotiable. I would think for a client commanding McGuire’s salary it would be less than the standard 10%-15%. Even assuming a 15% cut, McGuire saved only about $4.5 million total – far less than he could have gotten if he’d shopped himself around.

He also signed his current contract for less than he could have gotten.

McGuire does have an attendence bonus clause $2 each if the Cardinals go over 2.8 million. Since the highest attendence they ever had was about 3.2 million that could be worth another $1.6 million total.

Altogether that would push the package up to about $16 million a year, or about $18.5 million if you count not paying an agent – a lot less than he could get if he shopped himself.

He insists that money isn’t everything, and this is one guy for whom that’s apparently true.

Agents usually pull 10-15%, so he saved quite a bit.

However, McGwire still has an agent and a business manager and a publicist and a few others in his retinue. I’m sure that none of them work cheap.

As a side note:

McGwire was criticized heavily by the players association after he hit 70 HRs, for not becoming a free agent and re-establishing the market. He would rather stay with St. Louis than be the richest guy in the league (Pay-rod are you listening).

At least there is one guy on our side.