Mark of the beast!

I’m sorry, this is really mundane (check) and pointless (check) but I just needed to make one more post before I logged out now.

I just realized my number of posts was at 666.

I’m not supersticious, really, but it is a little unnerving.

Sorry for the interruption. We now continue with your regularly scheduled SDMB. Thank you for your patience.

A few years ago, two whopper value meals at Burger King cost you $6.66

Well, now you’re at 667, so you must be the Neighbor of the Beast…

I used to work in a building with 666 as the address. The Methodist dioces temporarily rented space there while their offices were being remodeled. The Bishop tried to get the building number changed but the building owner just blew him off.

My 666 post was pretty interesting. I didn’t even realize it was that post and I was talking about being wary because I was now a gasp Girl Guide leader. I had the minds of 20 preteen girls in my hands to mould :smiley:

But don’t worry. I never used it for evil.

I myself landed on the 666th post as well a couple of days ago. I was considering leaving it there for awhile until I realized all my posts would fall off the first page and I’m not well known for any other doper to care. I quickly posted again.

I remember anxiously awaiting my 666th post, then forgetting about it and I posted right past it.

And in a related story: “the Kentucky Mountain Bible College has finally dropped the 666 prefix that disturbed Christians who recognized it as the biblical mark of the beast.”

Sounds like they had a devil of a time changing it.

Here in Topeka, Kansas our zip codes are 666**. Fred Phelps, a Topeka resident(Gack!) says this is another sign that Topeka is irredeemably evil. That and the fact that the mascot of Washburn University of Topeka is called the Ichabod(meaning "the glory of God has departed).

Petcat beat me to that one.
But try this: Google for church phone 666.
You’ll be amazed how many churches actually have a 666 number. I got ten pages of hits.

What is it with irrational fear of certain numbers? My building has no 13th or 14th floors, appeasing both the Western and the Eastern superstitions. Strangely, though, 4 and 24 are both there. I figure if you live on the 15th floor, you know what floor you really live on (apologies to whoever it was that said that the first time).

Not walking under ladders I can understand – nobody’s going to drop a bucket of paint on your head when you go around the ladder. But changing your phone number because it’s got three sixes in it? Crazy.

Oh, and Monstre, 667 would be across the street from the beast. So he’ll creep you out by staring through his blinds at you while you’re watching Survivor.

Not intending to hijack the thread but, what superstitions relate to those numbers?

And when you get to 668, you’ll be across the street from the Beast.


By complete coincidence, my church has a 777 prefix. It’s kind of well known nationally, and I’m sure that there are people who think that the church managed to arrange for this.

Nope, it’s just in the right neighborhood.

Some funny stuff.

And then there’s always 666 Cough Syrup. I tried a bottle once. Tastes like hell.

Last night I went to Baja Fresh for a burrito mexicano w/ sour cream, the total was $6.66. I kept expecting someone with a shotgun to shoot off the clerk’s head, which would land in a pile of veggies and keep talking. [Doom Generation reference.]

I’ve noticed that there exist New Jersey license plates with “666” in them (the ones in the AB-123C format). Interestingly, I have never seen one in the ABC-12D format beginning with “KKK”. They have definitely gone through all of the K’s (I know people with KHS, KRP and KXY plates), so either I just haven’t seen a KKK or they deliberately skipped it.

I wonder who gets to decide what is and is not too offensive to put on a license plate?

-Andrew L

At the restaurant where I wait tables, if someone orders a reuben sandwich and a soda, the total, after tax, comes to $6.66. .:eek: Once I noticed that, I started asking customers if they wanted to add fries, or potato salad, or a dinner salad, or anything… just to make the total something besides $6.66.

One of the most prestigious addresses in the West Village of New York City is 666 Greenwich Street.

The home Ronald and Nancy Reagan moved to after leaving the White House had the address number 666. Nancy being very superstitious and all, they petitioned and got the city to give them a slightly different number.