Marlboro Miles question

Does anyone know where to get the booklet to order things with Marlboro Miles?

I looked through Phillip Morris’ web site, but they were so busy trying to appease the non-smoking crowd they didn’t mention it.

I asked in some stores around here and no one knew.

So, could anyone help me. I have about 1500 miles burning a hole in my pocket.

I would suggest finding and calling their toll-free customer service line.

Call 1-800-MARLBORO, they have little signs up at convenience stores saying you must now call to get their catalogs. Some part of the legal settlement, I suppose.

Thanks for the info, sorry it took so long to get back to this but I work nights. That number works (but only in the daytime) so you can let this thread die now.

Save 10,000 more and I think you will have enough for the Iron Lung :wink: