Marmite, vegemite, and now, CENOVIS!

I’ve discovered a new pleasure! A new yeast extract, previously unknown to me! Thanks to my daughter elfbabe, I now possess and am enjoying the taste of Cenovis, a Swiss product. She had it flown all the way from said Helvetican Republic in time to be my Xmas present!

It definitely is different from marmite, vegemite, mighty mite, aussie mite, and even promite. It’s got lovely earthy undertones those others lack, and on a toasted english muffin with melted butter, is truly divine! Check out the above link for a close analysis of my new passion.

I know I’m tough to shop for. But this has been elfbabe’s year to knock it out of the park in terms of gifts. First it was a 3-D depth map of Lake Michigan, now proudly mounted on the living room wall, and now this. Thanks, hon! :smiley:

(A previous effort by elfbabe’s younger sister, a sketch of JRRT smoking his pipe and surrounded by phrases in Quenya, written in Tengwar, also resides on the list of “Greatest gifts ever”).

Not really, all it takes is a little spoiled yeast. :smiley:

I’m reporting this thread to the mods, with a request that it be removed for trolling.
Quadgop–for og’s sake, man…you’ve been a Doper for a long time, and you surely know that Cafe Society is a forum for threads relating to FOOD.

We don’t have a forum for disgusting, stinky, inedible things that resemble industrial waste, but taste worse.


The Golden Age cometh not until we have Baconmite!

I used to make spreads with Cenovis nearly 80 years ago. It’s still widely available here. Besides Swiss knives, I don’t know anything more Swiss than Cenovis.

Enjoy !

Quadgop, you may be interested in the recent Aussie Mite controversy. Defecting to the Swiss may well be the way to go.

A bacon and Marmite sandwich is the way to go. Absolutely beautiful - I can’t understand why it’s not mentioned in Larousse Gastronomique.

Thanks for info Qadgop, two tubes for a tenner on the Swiss site, I’ll give it a go and report back at a later date…

Hm, I might have to get Chris to get me a tube to give it a try. I note they also now have a guiness marmite I might need to get four our guiness loving roomie.

Hmm. The name sounds like a pharmaceutical product, possibly for male performance issues (I suppose this is because my brain is noting the similarity in sound to cialis). But I’d still try it if I ran across it in a store.

Make mine with toasted XO cheddar cheese or a buttery fried egg … mmmmmmmmmm! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh… you’re definitely a fellow member of the Marmite Illuminati

A couple of tubes arrived from

It’s not bad, but it doesn’t compare to Marmite.

There’s a nice beefy Bovril type aftertaste to it, but it doesn’t have the same ‘kick’ as Marmite. I like it, though and It’ll all get eaten well before the Use-By date.

The cat’s verdict:

Marmite: A bit on my finger will be licked and licked until all traces are removed.

Cenovis: A couple of licks then a look (anthropomorphizing now) that seemed to say ‘I thought you loved me … that’s not Marmite’, before skulking off showing the pencil sharpener.

Importing Swiss goo? Burn the Helvetic!

What I like about Cenovis are those lovely veggie undertones. Those undertones remind me of the wonderful flavor of carrots, onions, and potatoes at the bottom of the pot roast pan, all browned and gooey and concentrated together…

Okay, now I’m hungry again.

Marmite’s still my fave, but Cenovis is a nice change. And my 2.5 kg tub of Vegemite is still providing flavor.

XO marmite still packs a punch for me. It smells much stronger, and the flavors linger much longer on the tongue, too.

I’m quite warming to Cenovis now… I had an extra mature cheddar and Cenovis Toasted sandwich, and that really brought out the flavour.

And while we’re on the subject of delicious yeast based spreads…

Canada has banned Marmite

Unbelievable… I thought Canada was a tolerant country.

Courtesy of Tapioca Dextrin, I just got to try a milk chocolate marmite bar, from Very Peculiar Chocolate! I’m hooked! I always liked the mix of chocolate with a few grains of sea salt, and now this product ups the savory factor with delicious, delicious marmite!

When this runs out I may resort to dipping my chocolate bar in marmite…

Thanks, Taps for the life-changing gift of chocolate marmite.

Meanwhile, elfbabe is scouring greater Montreal for all unpurchased marmite, now that it’s forbidden in Canada. She can’t stand the stuff, but she’ll smuggle it to me at our next get-together.

“Cenovis” sounds like it should be the name for a drug for erectile dysfunction.


I must third the motion that Cenovis sounds like a good name for a drug.

Yeah, “Ask your doctor about Cenovis…”

I can see the commercial in my head, one of the really vague ones with Attractive People doing Attractive Things. But they leave out what the drug actually does, so they can avoid mentioning the side effects.

Cenovis also sounds like a Doctor Who antagonist.

I came in to make the Cenovis-as-a-drug-name joke. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

I’ll be trying some of that. I can’t really get my head round what it would taste like, but I’ll definitely give it a go.
nearwildheaven:If I were you, I’d stick with the Viagra if the old boy’s not up for it.