Married Officers in the US Military

This is completely hypothetical… but let’s say the husband is an Army officer and his wife is a Naval officer. When they married they lived someplace with both an Army and Naval base nearby.

What happens if the husband is later transferred to an Army base that doesn’t have a Naval base nearby?

Can he refuse the transfer because it would separate him from his wife, or is he out of luck?

It’s called the Joint Spouse program.

It doesn’t guarantee that the spouses will be stationed on the same base, but sometimes they will be stationed at least somewhat close to each other.

In my case, I was Air Force and my ex was Army. I ended up at Pope Air Force Base, and she at Fort Bragg, which are right next to each other.

I also had a friend stationed at Pope (in North Carolina), but his spouse ended up at Langley, Virginia. There was not a slot for her career field at Pope.

Thanks Wolf333. That makes sense.

In answer to your question, no, they cannot refuse orders. Needs of the Navy (or the Service in question) come first.

In those situations, usually someone is a geo bachelor or someone’s career takes a hit because the billet they get isn’t career enhancing.

I have a friend who was an officer in the USAF and his wife was an officer in the Army. They got married later in their careers and managed to get stationed together most of the time. They were at Scott AFB IL which is the HQ for Transcom. Transcom has all the services in it.

Can’t refuse orders; however, one or both of the spouses could ask to retire (assuming they had enough time towards retirement); ask for a hardship discharge; or as an officer, attempt to resign their commission.