Married With Children Question

OK, the Bundy’s take the toaster, shake out the crumbs, and pour milk in. They call it “Toaster ???n’s”

I’m pretty sure it was either shakuns’ or leavuns’

Funny stuff.

Definitely “toaster shakin’s.”

It was “Toaster Leavin’s”

It’s all these things… and MORE!

I had a fun answer for this, but out of respect for the forumn it is currently in, I am respectivally holding it until such time it gets moved to MPSIMS.

Breaking the tie here: toaster leavins. Without a doubt.

Toaster Shakins

but personally my favorites were the ‘tangwich’ 2 slices of bread with a pile of Tang between

and ‘tangwipe’ a piece of bread rolled around the inside of a empty jar of Tang

Them’s good eatin

Somebody in Germany has researched all the episodes and has great photos and everything, and mistakes in the show. It is

I did a google search.

“Toaster Leavins” gets 6 hits.

“Toaster Shakins” gets 0 hits.

Toaster Shakens gets 1 hit.

From this wealth of information, only one of these pages seems to even reference Married with Children, with this beautiful and touching quote:


::sigh:: The research I do for you people…

So with that overwhelming authority, I proclaim it to be “toaster leavins,” which is what I thought it was in the first place anyway. :slight_smile: