Martial arts sound effects.

How do practicioners make these sounds with simulated blows, as heard in this video?
I’ve waved my arms around in every way possible for me, and not a whisper. I suspect the mouth is involved. I doubt that the sound is made by the actual movement, the fist parting the air, makes the noise.
I am looking for a factual answer.

I think you’re just hearing the guy quickly exhale with each blow. I am no asskicking martial arts master, but when I was learning, we were always taught to exhale when striking, and this carried over to katas.

At about 0:38 you can see his mouth synced with the sound. Later the noise sounds very much like simple exhaling. It almost seems to me like he’s making a sound effect more than the traditional kiai.

Watched the video. Definitely making the sounds with his mouth by means of exhaling and/or explicitly saying “sshh”. I’ve seen many students across many schools do this.

I’ve probably just watched too many kung foo movies.
Is the real thing, the sounds, part of the psychological side of most combat sports, ie “mean mugging”?

I dunno…in our school, it’s mostly used as a reminder to breathe when you’re doing moves. You start concentrating on how to do the move or kata and couple that with doing it in front of your instructor - or even worse, a judge - and you forget to breathe. Messes up your rhythm, messes up your moves and makes you exhausted.

Breathing is a big part of the relaxation process. You could be a totally pimped out black belt and could be trying to execute a move and forget to breathe, you’re done. So if it’s best to breathe while doing the move, you build the breathing into the move, you practice the move 1200 times, you never forget to breathe. And all is well.

Another vote for purposeful breathing. Also, if the gi is of a heavy enough cloth, it will make a “whoosh” noise upon execution of fast striking techniques.

Man, I cant wait for college to start up again so I can resume my Shotokan training. I get to train with Master Tabata!!! If you’re at all interested in karate then I recommend you read about this guy. He’s one hardcore dude.

Well, I’m only an orange belt, so I’m nowhere near the level of that kata, Gojushiho Dai, (五十四歩大, Fifty-four steps major). I’m getting there though. I’m sadly not a very quick learner with physical movements, so it’s slow going for now ^^;;

Ok, I’ve rambled enough. KIAH!

You always exhale during strikes, which has real physiological effects. There are sounds one can make for purely psychological purposes as well (both intimidating one’s opponent and getting oneself psyched up), but those are a lot louder, and there’s no way anyone would mistake them. One of my instructors used to tell us that a properly-executed kiai could kill small animals.