Marvel comics question: The powers of Ant-Man/Giant Man (Henry Pym)

It’s not coveralls, it’s a speedsuit.

The Flash: [sarcastic] Oooh, that’s really impressive. Size of an ant with human strength. You must be able to clean house on those other ants, huh? [chuckles] Hey! Hey, Hulk! Hey, check this guy out.

[The Hulk joins them. He and the Flash can barely keep from laughing at poor Ant-Man and can’t help chortling in-between their heavily sarcastic remarks:]

The Hulk: Ooooh!

The Flash: He’s got the strength of a human!

The Hulk: Ant-Man, huh?! Where are your ants?

Ant-Man: They’re - they’re at home, uh, in the ant farm.

The Hulk: Oh, better stay out of this guy’s way.

The Flash: Oooh! Every molecule’s quiverin’ now!

You mixed universes. Very distracting.

Ah, but I’m not claiming it as an original work.

Where’d you get it from? I thought it struck me as familiar. Either way, my inner comic book geek was crying out “No! Flash is DC! Hulk and Antman are Marvel! Next you’ll have Spawn saunter up with some witty banter! Arrrrgggg…” :stuck_out_tongue:

Saturday Night Live, March 17, 1979.

Superhero party

Fair enough. Many thanks for the link. I stand corrected on all counts.

Fixed. It’s a common mistake with nested quotes.

One of my favorite SNL sketches ever. No one ever wants to use the bathroom after the Hulk is through in there. :smiley:

Post 18 is still quoting me incorrectly, shy guy is the one actually being quoted. Again, not a big deal, just noting it. :slight_smile:

Also fixed!