Maryland Dopers: Are you a Southerner or not?

Based on these comments, I’m removing your name from the summary file. I was the one to put it there in the first place after scouting around other threads looking for “Southerners.”

I grew up in Northern VA, and I’m not sure that I would consider DC and its suburbs to be Southern. The accent isn’t Southern. The good portion of the population came from somewhere else anyway. I would guess that Virginia doesn’t really become Southern in character until you get past Prince William County.

I can’t speak for the parts of Maryland outside of the Beltway and a bit further away, but Montgomery County, and PG County don’t strike me as very southern either.

One of my friends who is from Tennessee mentioned that he hasn’t been able to find sweet tea in the area which I always thought of as a staple of Southern food.

I’d consider myself mostly northern. Carroll County seems to hold a good mix of northern and southern folk.

Cooter (in the sense used here).

I was born in Maryland (grew up in the DC suburbs), and definitely am not Southern. I don’t have a Southern accent, and we never ate grits or black-eyed peas (or most of the other typically Southern foods) at home. I also had a great-great grandfather who fought for the Union.


Well, i live in Baltimore but i grew up in Australia. I don’t think i would consider myself a “Southerner” even if i was living in Alabama or Georgia or South Carolina. Nor would i really consider myself a “Northerner” if i lived in New York or Boston or Cleveland. I’m

On a personal level, if i were to think of myself in US terms, it would probably be as a West Coast person. I grew up in Sydney, lived a few years in Vancouver, and visit San Francisco quite regularly. I’ve also spent time in Seattle, Portland, and LA. I find that these Pacific Rim cities, despite their differences, share a certain sensibility and way of life, and while i love other cities in the US and elsewhere, i often feel most at home on the West Coast.

I’ve removed your name from the file. Thanks.

Anyone else feeling a bit miffed at the, “I’ve removed your name from the file” comments?
I mean - I’m not a redneck, Confederate flag-waving type of Southerner, and I don’t know what the OP is getting at, but there’s a certain “You don’t count” aspect to it all.

I’m not upset, and it doesn’t really bother me, it’s just - oh, I don’t know.
Never mind.

I was born and raised in Maryland; I spent the first 21 years of my life there. It never would have even dawned on me to think of myself as a southerner. So, no.

Sorry if you’re miffed, but I’m assuming you meant that last line.

Now cut that out. You people only have her on loan. She’s one of us.

I’m a ninth generation Marylander (Montgomery County). We have the POW papers for one of my relatives who fought with the Confederates. I’ve never considered myself a Southerner, although when I lived out west, they thought I had a Southern accent. Having also lived in North and South Carolina, I’ve found I have little in common culturally with Southerners.

I consider Maryland part of the South, along with D.C. and Virginia. I wasn’t born here, but I’ve spent most of my life in this area.

Thank you. I’m keeping your data in the summary file.

Just for an update of that file’s contents, these names will be kept as Maryland’s Southern Dopers:

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These are still in question, and will be removed if I don’t hear otherwise:

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Oh for heaven’s sakes, let me just add my $0.02

Maryland along the I-95 corridor? Not southern.

Everything else = ?

I don’t consider myself a southerner though I was born and raised here and graduated from Maryland, College Park.

Yes, when visiting Detroit, the people asked my girlfriend and me about our accent.

Yes, I do say I do pronounce the “r” in wash and use “y’all” and “howdy” without a moment’s thought.

Yes, I have been happily consuming grits since my youngest days.

But that still doesn’t make me a southerner.


I don’t- my dad does say “warsh” (and my sister and I used to tease him about it). I don’t say “y’all” or “howdy”, either.

Though this does remind me of something that happened while I was in college (at UM College Park here, too)- someone had put up a flyer offering physics tutoring, from someone with a “Maryland accent”. Some of my friends and I debated calling him, just to see what a “Maryland accent” was…

Go Terps!


Now, that fact that he’s taken (the entire reason I moved to MD) my husband off of the list and left me on? Makes no sense. I have manners, so I’m being considered Southern. Okay then. I happen to have spent the majority of my life in more northerly climes than 95% of the people on this board.

Here ya go: Dopers now based in the USA, but born elsewhere: stand and be counted, please.

Cheer up, Gingy; click on the link, and add your name and relevant biographical biography to the list!