Mass Killings in the United States (2022)

Mass killings in the United States, 2022

Four or more dead (Suicides Indicated by an asterisk)

By a single killer (The killer is charged, or would have been charged had he lived.)

By any criminal means


  1. 3 January 2022 near Columbia MO, 4* killed (reckless driving) (

  2. 5 January 2022 Philadelphia PA, 12 killed (arson) (Christmas tree ignited by young child probed as source of Fairmount house fire; vigil held to support victims’ families) Reports indicate a minor child caused the fire. He cannot be charged in the usual sense of the word. Included here as an editorial decision.

  3. 10 January 2022 Jean NV, 4* killed (reckless driving) (California man identified as one of 4 killed in wrong-way crash | Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Incidents 3
Killed 20

A wrong-minded editorial decision, IMHO.

pp) before 23 January 2022 Milwaukee WI 6 killed (shot) (Milwaukee Mass Murder: 4 Persons Of Interest In Custody In N. 21st St. Carnage) awaiting word on single killer

The Milwaukee incident is disallowed. There seems to have been a number of killers.

  1. 22 January 2022 Las Vegas NV 9* killed (reckless driving) (

Incidents 4
Killed 29

  1. February 2022 Corsicana TX, 5* killed (shot) (Police: Gunman killed four, then himself in Texas)

Incidents 5
Killed 34

Another high-speed chase gone wrong.

  1. 6 February 2022 Monroe County GA, 4* killed (reckless driving) (4 killed, 2 injured in fiery Monroe County crash after evading attempted traffic stop, deputies say)

Incidents 6
Killed 38

  1. 7 February 2022 Oldham County TX, 4* killed (reckless driving) (

Incidents 7
Killed 42

  1. 18 February 2022 Houston TX, 4* killed (reckless driving) (4 people killed in fiery crash on Will Clayton Parkway near Bush Intercontinental Airport - ABC13 Houston)

Incidents 8
Killed 46

  1. 25 February 2022 Granbury TX, 4* killed (shot) (4 dead in apparent murder-suicide in Granbury, police say |

Incidents 9
Killed 50

Driving the wrong way on the highway.

  1. 26 February 2022 Hartford CT, 4* killed (reckless driving) (4 Dead in Wrong-Way Crash on I-84 in Hartford – NBC Connecticut)

Incidents 10
Killed 54


  1. 28 February 2022 Sacramento CA, 5* killed (shot) (Man kills 3 daughters, 1 other, himself at California church | AP News)

Incidents 11
Killed 59

Tried to race a train.

  1. 9 March 2022 Harvey IL, 4* killed (Chicago car crash kills four people after SUV hit moving freight train)

Incidents 12

Killed 63

  1. 15 March 2022 Hobbs NM, 9* killed (reckless driving, unlicensed driver) (NTSB: 13-year-old drove pickup in Texas crash that killed 9 | AP News) Reports indicate a minor child was driving at a high speed when a tire blew. His truck then crossed the center line. He cannot be charged in the usual sense of the word. Included here as an editorial decision.

Incidents 13
Killed 72

Well the speed limit there was 75 mph. That is a crazily high limit for a two lane highway (in my state the limit for those roads is 55 mph). So the two drivers both could have driving at the speed limit and that would be a high speed crash. So while it was criminal that he was underage, an accident caused by a blown tire and excessive legal speed limits which the drivers were obeying should not be in this thread.

It is a tough call. Year ago I would not have included it. But people yelled that I was not including negligent car wrecks. Nowadays I lean toward including marginal cases. I figure you can cut them out if they do not meet whatever you consider eligible.

Not a tough call. The vehicle left the road ploughing through a homeless encampment.

  1. 27 March 2022 Salem OR, 4 killed (reckless driving) (Oregon: 4 are dead after a driver crashed into Salem encampment of unhoused people | CNN)

Incidents 14
Killed 76

Mass shooting, the story is developing.

  1. 3 April 2022 Sacramento CA, 6 killed (shot) (Sacramento shooting: 6 dead, at least 12 wounded, police say | CNN)

Incidents 15
Killed 82

I see the Sacramento killing had many killers. It is removed from the official list.


  1. 8 April 2022, Jackson County MS, 4* killed (shot) (Sheriff: 64-year-old killed estranged wife, son, former daughter-in-law before taking his own life)

Incidents 15
Killed 80