MASTER LIST (Newbies only) part 2

My original list is at
** MASTER LIST (Newbies only)**

Signed on before :cool: and want to sign on again?
Go right ahead!
The more the merrier!

(Just boosting this so it’s ahead of the old one)

I’ve only been here a year or so, so I figure I’m still kind of a newbie.

I’ve been here six months, so I guess I’m a newbie too.

Fine ! They dragged me post. I’m a newbie too. And if they don’t keep making me post “to support your sister” I’ll remain a “newbie” forever. Can we get back to the Monopoly game? :slight_smile:

How do you do. Glad to meet this post.

Quin City2deb - Happy to meetcha!

Do you want a ticket to the back room ? :cool:

Hello, all! I look forward to meeting everyone.

Count me in again!

I’m new!

Greetings! Long time lurker, short time poster. Great to meet all of you.

Hey :D, after you’ve got all these wood ducks lined up in the thread, do we cop a flame or get a kewpie doll?

PS Newbie reporting for duty Sir!

I’m happy to sign on the dotted line:
- Season Strange
[sup]. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hey, I’m new too. Someone throw me a beer.

Am I new enough to qualify?
Can’t stop me now, anyway -
I came, I saw, I posted!

yup, I’m new but not as new as you pups :slight_smile:

I’m most defanetly a newbie so I’ll sign.

        " **

Hm…I’ve been here for a long time but have never got around to posting here. So here I am :slight_smile:

Woo Hoo! This is fun! :smiley: Been lurking for many months, but just started posting.