Master's Degree initials

My wife is getting her Master’s degree soon in Speech Pathology. I would like to engrave a nice quality pen with her name and the degree initials on it .

The last thing I need to do is have engraved the wrong initials so I’m asking the masses.

Would she have earned the standard “M.S” degree or is there something more specific that I must put behind her name now?
All (helpful) answers appreciated. :slight_smile:

can’t you contact the university where she’s studying? or her supervisor? there can be considerable variation in how universities describe their degrees, so it would be worth checking with the source.

There aren’t any standards for this type of thing – for all we know, your wife’s university may call it a Master of Tiddlywinks. The only way to be sure is to ask your wife precisely what her degree is to be called. But M.S. is probably a good bet.

Off the top of my head, I’ve seen MS, MA, MSE, MEng, MFin, MBA, and MFA, and I’m sure I’m forgetting or haven’t seen a few. Some of those are definitely not what your wife has, but the point is that there are many different types of master’s degrees, each with their own abbreviation. Check with her or the school to be sure.

Ok, after 5 million transfers I got to someone who knew… just for future reference for others. It’s considered a “M.S.” degree until she does a year of clinical fellowship after which the initials are “CCC- SLP” :wink: whew… she’s gonna look important huh? lol… thanks everyone.