Matrix Revolutions Rocked My World *no spoilers*

I just came back from Revolutions. I saw an advanced screening in montreal with some friends.

It was absolutely epic! So intense! So HUGE!

If you didn’t like the 2nd one GO SEE THIS ONE!!!

Wow… just wow.

Visually flawless, edge of your seat action, big suspense, and a little sadness too.

Overall a fantastic conclusion to a great trilogy.

P.S. Seryph may you rest in peace. Hahaha… just kidding.

In the words of Harry Knowles “Please let this be cool. Please let this be cool. Please let this be cool…”

After seeing the first one, I was interested in seeing the sequels, but not exactly excited.

After seeing the second, however - which I consider the far superior film - I am very, VERY anxious to see Revolutions. I am glad that I held off seeing Reloaded until just two weeks before the third film comes out… less torture time of waiting.

Hmm I didn’t the Reloaded much and I was in two minds about going to Revolutoins. After seeing the trailer I thought that I would at least get my money’s worth in eye-candy so I will probably go. Still the early reviews at Rottentomatoes seem quite poor; 30% after 10 reviews:

I watched Ebert & Roeper the other night and they gave it two thumbs up, but quite unenthusiastically. They both felt it was the weakest film in the trilogy and the visual effects completely take over, leaving no room for the fascinating ideas suggested in the first Matrix.

Still, I’ll watch it and hope there’s nothing as stupid in it as the rave in Zion from Reloaded.

I thought the first one was kinda neat, though very flawed.

I did NOT like the second one at all, even though I got to see it in an Imax theater.

The reviews I’ve seen say Revolutions is the worst of the series. I’ll probably pass.

I would have loved to see it too, but some immature losers signed up at Slashdot with their username containing the spoiler to the finale. Unfortunately, they didn’t get modded down quickly enough.

Now, I’m going to take it easy and go after a week or two.

I like Reloaded a lot more than the original and have realistic hopes on the third. This is no LOTR: ROTK, here.


I definitely do not want to have the movie spoiled for me, especially since I probably won’t get the chance to see it for a couple of weeks, but comments such as this one from one of the reviews I read at do not exactly leave me breathless with anticipation:

“If the questions asked in Reloaded were actually answered in Revolutions, this could have been an incredible film. Sadly, newsgroup predictions of what would happen in The Matrix Reloaded, typed out by hardcore fans of the series, have been more interesting than what the Wachowski brothers eventually came up with. While superior to Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions still can’t quite justify turning a stand-alone classic into a misguided trilogy.”


I went and spoiled myself rotten on this film yesterday, and while I can see why some folks may have problems with it, the only existing option other than seeing the movie is not seeing the movie.

As I rarely get out to the movies any more, if I can do so and have even a marginally good time, I will. Not that I think the movie will be bad, I think it will be good, I just see it as a couple hours of entertainment and nothing really worth arguing or whining about.

To quote Roger Ebert, I hated, hated, HATED this movie. For me, it was by far the worst of the three, and I didn’t care much for Reloaded either. It may even have sunk the trilogy - I may skip buying the eventual 3-movie box set which was previously an automatic purchase for me.

No-spoiler impressions: Interchangeable minor characters upstage major characters we know and love, thus making us care a lot less about their struggle. “Climactic” massive battle scene is very videogame-like, resulting in no emotional attachment to the characters, the stakes, or the outcome. Less pointless stoner pontificating than Reloaded, but not zero pointless stoner pontificating. Considered leaving several times when it beacme clear that the film couldn’t alienate me anymore than it had (I had to give a co-worker a ride home, so I couldn’t leave.)

The wire fu scenes are pretty.


I don’t know what people are complaining about. It was the most intellectually stimluating, thought provoking movie EVER!

Come on people, it’s an action movie! If you go in looking for the best drama or intellectual mind-f*ck movie you’re going to be dissapointed. Think Star Wars, not Pi.

nitek - We’re thinking along the lines of The Matrix, which Reloaded (and from the sounds of it, Revolutions) are a far cry from.

I saw a preview screening. I don’t think it really answered some of the biggest questions left hanging in Reloaded, but then again I’m not a huge fan, so I haven’t spent much mental energy trying to come up with a Grand Matrix Unifying Theory.

I hadn’t seen the first one in years or the second one since it came out in theaters, and when I got out of Revolutions, I thought, “well, that was ok, if a bit conventional.” Then they showed the first Matrix on constant repeat on TBS the last few days and I remembered that even the mangled-for-broadcast version showed a lot more originality and spark (despite its flaws) than either of the sequels.

Revolutions does have a lot less of the truly stupid (less “philosophy,” no special in-matrix views of dessert-related orgasms). Go in expecting eye candy and you’ll be fine; go in expecting a return to form and you’ll be disappointed.

Here’s what I love about it… The Matrix trilogy takes influence from many cultures… Christianism, Buddhism, Gnosticism… What do u get in the end?

Believe… have faith… the purpose to life, well, end it.

I heard many people at the end say I didn’t understand… sorry if u didn’t but that sounds stupid to me.

How do you know they were tellling the truth? :dubious:

Alex_arg, you rock Wink

I loved it. except for the last 30 seconds. That and that they weren’t subtle about the whole simbolism thing.

While I agree the Judeo-Christian symbolism slimes out of the Matrix movies more than any other religion or philosophy the Wachoski bros raped, I have to point out that if another religion was used then the american audiences wouldn’t connect very well with the movies.

I loved the sex symbolism: the big penis/drill that penetrated into the zion uterus and spewed its squirming sperm all over and at the end we humans are impregnated by the machines to live as one. Wheeeeee!

beajerry… that was a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen the film.

And there are a lot of other religions and philosophies present.

I’ve heard its total crap, and that was from a reviewer whos opinion I normally hold in high regard. I’ll reserve judgement until I see more reviews.