Matt Daniels can bite me

After reading the article about gay marriage in, I have come to the conclusion that Matt Daniels, major spokesperson and de-facto of the Alliance for Marriage (opposing gay marriage) is seriously fucked in the head. See, he knows all about damaged marriages because his dad walked out on his mom when Matt was 2. His mom eventually ended up “broken back, disabled, on welfare, depressed”. And so logically he is vigorously fighting for deadbeat dad enforcement, marriage counseling, or various other things…

Oh wait no he isn’t! He’s against gay marriage because, I dunno, it’ll turn all the married men into cocksuckers who will then walk out on their 2 year old children and their wife for a male lover. Why? I dunno, but it’d probably make a really interesting Lifetime special. Maybe with a heart-wrenching title like “Little Dick” and overwrought dialogue it’ll all come into focus for me.

So basically this guy wants to fuck around with my life because his own was screwed up. What is this? Spreading the wealth? He doesn’t need your money. He needs psychotherapy to get over the events of his childhood and to stop projecting his own experiences onto complete strangers. He needs, in short, to fuck off.

“Pro-family” conservative value groups are not merely offensive and misguided, but they’re enormously creepy too. Their obsession with the lives of gay people–writing letters to papers, spinning out opinion pieces in the guise of research, lobbying politicians and picketing pro-gay rallies–borders on the extreme. Having these people got something better to do?

As to why anyone would devote such effort to controlling the lives of people they don’t even associate with is beyond me. Particularly since none of them can actually point to the exact mechanism by which gay marriage will adversely affect lives of straight people. They allege a mechanism is there, but can’t describe it or document it, only wave their hands and obsess over what gay men and women are doing behind closed doors.

Creepy fucks.