matt_mcl has another kick at the political can...

Wishing you the best of luck, Matt. Let me know if you want me to go out to I-95 and hold up signs promoting you to Quebecois driving to and from Florida – best help anybody from N.C. can be to you. :slight_smile:

To make a serious suggestion, perhaps those of us who support you and have funds to spare could send contributions to somebody trustworthy up there north of the border (Laurange?) who could then legally contribute to your campaign in the same amount.

Hey, that’s an idea. Although I’m not sure how legal it is. (Would you want people from another country funding your political candidates?)

Luckily, I’m Canadian, so all I have to do is mail matt_mcl an envelope full of our shiny new five-dollar notes. Or larger denominations as necessary.

Why not? It’s happened before. :wink:


I’ve just gotten off the phone with Elections Canada and I find that it is not permitted to accept campaign contributions from non-Canadians. I wouldn’t like to risk breaking a law by conveying the donations through a third party, either. But thank you so much for your interest and your generosity.

(Donations from Canadians, of course, will be cheerfully accepted. :smiley: Please email me for information. And thank you again.)

I just found out that the full name of matt’s riding is Verdun–Saint-Henri–Saint-Paul–Pointe Saint-Charles. Now, that’s a mouthful.

By the time the Speaker finishes calling on you (“The Chair recognizes the Honourable Member from Verdun–Saint-Henri–Saint-Paul–Pointe Saint-Charles,”) you might have forgotton what you were going to say!

Allez NDP! The only political party I’ve attended a leadership debate for…and I’m not even Canadian.

matt_mcl, I know that I’m not really allowed to donate to your campaign (and I really appreciate your honesty in telling us this, you could have been like every other candidate!)…but I have an NDP activist friend up North, who may be glad to send a donation along. She owes me a favour anyway…:wink:

When the by-election approaches, can you set up an election results link, as you did last time?

So probably having us actually vote is right out of the question?

I’ll just wish you luck, then.

Happy Easter Tuesday to you, matt.

This is a bit of a hijack, but is tangentially related to your announcement that is the topic of this thread.

It occurred to me that your age, sexual orientation, and political activism combine to make you an interesting story for XY Magazine, who would be, I think, most interested in a young gay man who is a major party candidate for Parliament. I’d like to propose it to them as a story topic, but would of course do so only with your consent. With defective e-mail, I’m using your thread to publicly request it – or you could write your own story, if you prefer.

Polycarp, that would be absolutely enchanting. I have a huge amount of respect for XY as a magazine, and I would be thrilled to have an article about me there.

You might want to mention that I’ve run and/or helped found four gay youth or gay activist groups since I came out.

Thanks so much for thinking of me. :slight_smile:

Yes, I won the nomination for candidate last night! It was contested, but my supporters were numerous, and it wasn’t in too much jeopardy.

Now the campaign begins! Or it will, as soon as I finish my linguistic theory term paper. :o

Yay Matt!

::does naked cartwheels through thread for son cheri Canadian::

stands to the side while punha galavants about

Félicitations, Matt! Good luck with the paper and the campaign! :slight_smile:

Congrats, matt!

I’m so sorry I cuoldn’t come to the meeting, but I was just swamped with work, and had to cancel several other plans that day, too. :frowning:

So, where exactly do I make campaign contributions? And I know this is kind of a bizarre question, but are campaign contributions always, like, in the thousands, or could I give, like, 20 or something?

Add myself and my husband to your legion of well wishers.

It’s about time that the Dopers began assuming political positions for our eventual rise to running the planet.


Campaign website

(Preparing matt_mcl for the campaign trail)

So matt_mcl, if elected, what do you plan on doing about the pothole right in front of my driveway? It’s been there for more than a month.

Call for federal subsidies to public transit so that you don’t even have to drive.

Although I think Costa Mesa is a little far out of my riding or indeed the bailiwick of Parliament. You may have more luck contacting your representative or city councillor. :wink:

Congrats Matt! I’m not really NDP, but I’ll do whatever I can to help. Hopefully you make your way to the House!

Although I’m a firm believer in the maxim that holds the only disqualification for public office should be actually wanting the job, here’s wishing you the best of luck matt.

“grew up in Winnipeg” huh? That explains the NDP thing…:wink:

Well… partially. :wink: