matt_mcl has another kick at the political can...

Well, the MP for my riding just resigned, so there’s going to be a by-election. Of course, I’m going to run for nomination!

A guy contacted me about forming a riding association, so I’m meeting with him in an hour and we’ll be getting that started ASAP. The election, too, will probably be ASAP - to wit, mid-May - so the pressure’s on.

Wish me luck in the nomination and then (if I get that) the election! And vote NDP in Verdun-St Henri!

I admire your desire for public service, and I said before that if I lived in Montreal I would vote for you. But I do have a question, what is it that makes you want to be a politican? Why would anybody want to get into politics?

I just have a powerful desire to do right by my community and serve the public interest. Corrupt and lazy politicians don’t discourage me - they make me want to be a politician more, so people in my riding have some decent representation.

What is a “riding?”

And good luck!

I would totally vote for you if I lived there, matt! I’m not really close to anybody who lives in Verdun. Too bad, I could campaign for you :wink:

Verdun-St. Henri is traditionally a Liberal riding, right?

Good luck!

Good luck, Matt!!


LaurAnge, we can always use an extra pair of hands!

Basic Canadian political system primer: a riding is an electoral district. Each of Canada’s 301 ridings elects an MP (member of Parliament) to the House of Commons. The head of the party with the most seats becomes the Prime Minister.

There are five main federal parties: the Canadian Alliance, who are like Republicans only scarier; the Liberals, currently in power, who are moderate conservatives; the Conservatives, who are moderate liberals; the Bloc Québécois, part right-wing Quebec sovereignists and part left-wing Quebec sovereignists; and the New Democrats, left-wing social democrats.

You’ve got me confused matt. The PC is further right-wing than the liberals, isn’t it?

But seriously, I do vote NDP, so if you think there’s something I could actually do, let me know.

I for one have long been in favor of anything that combines the concepts of “matt” and “riding.” Good luck!

Remember, Matt…

You’re a seasoned pro now. You’ve run before. You’ve got…


cue the dramatic music

The voters (some of them) will already know of your existence. This time it’ll be easier than last. Go!

Need a campaign contribution in a hard currency? I’m with you if you need it.

Otto: you’re ssssassy… :wink:

Jonathan: I really, really appreciate it. Thank you so much. I doubt the campaign finance rules enable me to accept donations from people outside the country, but I will check and get back to you. Thanks again.

God damn, I wish every politician were like you! Good luck, Matt.

I hope you get elected.

Congratulations, Matt! Gratulojn! I’m happy that you’re going at it again! And if I was living in your riding, I’d certainly vote for you. :slight_smile:
BTW, will you make Esperanto campaign literature available for download from your website? :smiley:

How can I help ?

Like, so, I want your um, vote? :wink:

Seriously, good luck. I think after I’m finished my degree I will join the NDP.

Gay and Canadian?

Good luck, Matt, Kaministiquia roots for you. Do us proud.

matt, can I elect you Sexiest Canadian Faggot Doper? :wink:

(Nice to see you posting again, Otto.)



A title I shall wear with pride! Merci, chéri. smooch

Thanks to all you folks for your support; I really appreciate it. Stay tuned for the launching of the Campaign 2002 website!

In the meantime, check out NDP positions at .