Canadian Election. How is Matt doing?

Bad news. Our very own matt_mcl currently has 0.00% of the vote in his riding. Good news. Everyone else in the riding also has 0.00% of the vote. I’m not sure how long it is going to take for the results to come in, but let us wish Matt good luck.
To check election results click here Matts riding is Jeanne-Le Ber in Quebec.

Right now, CBC is saying that Jeanne-le-Ber has been taken by the Liberal candidate.


We love you, matt.

Here’s a direct link to the results of his riding. Not looking good, I’m afraid.

In related news, I finally understand the name “matt_mcl”… :smack:

Odd, the sites I’m looking at have Liza Frulla (Liberal) losing to the Bloc candidate. Matt’s a respectable third place for now.

He beat the Conservative! :slight_smile:

You could very well be right. :slight_smile:

pops open bottle of champagne for Matt

Not on the figures I’m looking at (5.00pm Tuesday Sydney time):

BQ 40.28%
LIB 33.57%
CON 12.06%
NDP 9.33%
GRN 4.77%

If this election were taking place in Australia, no candidate would have been elected on first preferences since nobody got 50% of the vote. The subsequent preferences would have to be distributed. The Green candidate would be eliminated first. If the majority of the Green candidate’s preferences flowed to **matt ** (as I suspect would be the case) he’d certainly overtake the Conservative candidate.

I got 1,200 more votes and 2,4% more of the votes this time. Didn’t make my goal of 10% (and reimbursement), but c’est la vie; better luck next time, I expect!

And hey - we elected 8-10 new members, and didn’t lose a single sitting MP! :cool:

Sorry you didn’t make it Matt.

I might as well tell you before you hear it from someone else: I didn’t vote for you.

Not because I didn’t think you’d do a good job but because I’m not allowed to vote in Canada. I’ll make you a deal. Run again in BC in 5 years and I’ll check your name. :smiley:

Sorry you didn’t make it but damn, that’s still a pretty respectable share of the vote! Way to go and thank you for being a part of the democratic process. If good people didn’t run against the odds we’d all be a bit more screwed than we are.

Small steps, Matt!

I just wish more people had the courage you do to run and take a stab at it. Let me know if you go again. Can Americans make contributions?

Good to see you’re looking at the big picture and thinking positively Matt. I looked up the polls on your riding on Friday and was disappointed to see what a big liberal/Bloq lead you were fighting against.

Maybe it’ll make you feel better to hear that I voted for Wayne, the local NDP candidate here in Hamilton East… and we got him in! Whoohoo, take that Tony Valeri. :wink:

I kept flipping between channels hoping they would show your riding Matt - not that that was likely here in Alberta - but one can always hope.
Nicely done!

I’ve asked before. They (or, for that matter, any other non-Canadians) can’t.

Thank you for standing up and running, Matt. The Esperanto-Canadian community must not sit back and do nothing. Next time I come to Montréal, let me treat you to a beer or dinner. :slight_smile:

All I have to say is:

WOW! Liza Frulla is HOT! 56 years old? No way!

Sorry Matt, your picture just didn’t elicit the same emotional response. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good God the Conservatives were elected. Why do I have this sinking feeling that cultural regression is about to commence immediately? :smack:

I’d have the same sinking feeling if they had a majority government. Given that they only have a minority government and not much of one at that, they pretty much have to behave themselves for at least a few months.

Americans can make contributions to this Canadian who would be more than happy to pass it along.

Maybe if he’d combed his hair.

Sorry you didn’t win, Matt. Better luck next time.