Best of luck to matt_mcl!

He’s running for the NDP in the riding of Verdun-St. Henri-St. Paul-Pointe St. Charles. The by-election is Monday.

I always vote NDP, but unfortunately, I don’t live in that riding (though it is not far from where I live).

I find it admirable that a young man has had the cojones to run for an underdog party twice, because of his beliefs.

Good on ya! :slight_smile:

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Well, I never vote NDP. (I’m a Texan, so I don’t get to vote in Canada.) But I’d like to add my vote of confidence and say “good luck”, too.

Good luck, matt. Hope you kick ass.

[sub]Great thread, scott[/sub]

Piping in to wish best of luck. It is incredibly admirable.

The city in which I currently live is liberal, artsy and has a healthily visible gay population. I’ve encountered the least amount of homophobic idiocy here than anywhere I’ve lived, so it is easy to forget and get too comfortable. But I work in a predominately straight bar, and last night in front of 60-odd people had three very large, very loud guys being verbally abusive to me (it’s not the pit, I’m not going to list the insults here, but it was the usual). Not a single collegue or friend lifted a finger to defend me, and I went home unsure whether I wanted to go break stuff or just lie down and sob. Just when you forget all your LGB history and start thinking you can live as a man, rather than a gay man, it all comes back and bites you in the butt.

The world needs more intelligent, ethical, politically-active openly-gay men and women with integrity and passion (and great taste in board crushes ;)) to stand up. You make me wish I did more. Bravo, matt, and again, best of luck.

Woot! Good luck, Matt!!

Make a difference, man!

Good luck, matt!

Just so I’m clear, this is for a seat in Parliament, right? I’m not well-versed in Canadanian political structures, but I assume a riding would be similar to our congressional districts.

Here’s hoping for some celebrating tomorow.

Good Luck Matt!

And remember to ask your tailor to fit an envelope sized pocket to the insides of your Fat-Cat politician suits :wink:

I can think of NOONE I would rather see in govt than matt.

gl matt


Good luck Matt

I have every faith that this will be your first step towards ultimately saving the world.

Best of luck Matt.

Best of luck, Matt! Let us know how you do, all right? :slight_smile:

Bonne chance, Matt! :slight_smile:


Go Matt!

Bonne chance Matt… I don’t live in that area so i can’t vote… but my thoughts are with you…

geez scott evil wrote something nice. Those pain meds must be working really good!:smiley:

Good luck MATT. When you get to be Prime Minister, are you gonna put the World Canadian Dominance plot into effect?

Best thoughts & best of luck matt!!!

Oh, come on, I’m not that big of a bitch… or am i?


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Just think, we can all say we knew Prime Minister McLauchlin back when he first ran for office!

Why do all the politicians I actually want to vote for live in other countries?

It should be noted that this is Matt’s second run at Parliament. He lost in 2000, but IIRC, he did quite well for an NDP candidate in Quebec (the NDP is not strong there right now.)

Matt would be such an enormous improvement over the bozos we have running our country it’s staggering to even contemplate it.