Matthew From "The New Adventures of Old Christine"

I’ve been watching reruns of The New Adventures of Old Christine, but the station is showing them all out of order and I haven’t had a chance to watch them all.

Anyway here’s my question. Right now I’m watching the show and Christine’s brother Matthew is her nanny, staying home and taking care of her son. But a few weeks ago, Matthew was some kind of a therapist and says “I’m a DOCTOR,”

How did he get to be a doctor so fast? He also mentions something about going to med school? What am I missing or confusing in this plot?

IIRC, he was in Med school or had just finished at the beginning of the first season. In the last season, he is a Therapist.

He was first Christine’s nany while deciding what he wante to do. He dcided to become a doctor, finished a semester of med school, dropped out, and later trained as and became a therapist.e

I know he was some kind of therapist, but he was being address as a doctor. Normally you need a MD, DO or phD to be called that, especially in a profession like his.

I guess it’s just something that a sitcom writer could overlook though