May the Makers ob Micro AV Rot in Hell

I picked up this crap last week-it appeared on my toolbar. I immediately did a virus scan, and deleted the suspicious files-now it is back! So, AVG again-it looks like it keeps reinstalling itself.
So, to whoever is sending this garbage out-may your next drug fix kill you, or hopefully, you will slam your car into a tree.
There ought to be a special hell for the swine who write and distribute these things

I heard SpyBot and SpyHunter have some success removing the root of the problem, and preventing it from coming back.

Edit: If you’re using Spybot make sure you turn off TeaTimer.

Sounds like you have a nasty cold too - stupid viruses :mad:

How to remove Micro Antivirus 2009 (Uninstall Instructions)

I think that if real penalties were imposed for the creation of viruses, NOBODY would make them. Common criminals are willing to take the risk of facing jail in order to get their stolen goods or their methamphetamine or whatever. It’s a risk that they accept. But the little geeks and dorks who sit at computers making these viruses are NOT willing to take that risk. Send just one of those punks to a real prison, where they can spend some quality time with the Aryan Brotherhood boys, and the rest of the virus programmers would stop making them, immediately.

Malware is really a serious problem, as I see it, because it clogs up the network that human beings today use to interact with each other, to work, and to gain access to information that they need. That’s the equivalent of sabotaging a machine that’s vital to the function of society. The people who do this shit really do deserve the harshest punishment possible.

There are penalties for creating viruses. It’s virtually impossible to get a conviction, though. How do you prove where a virus came from?

You’re right, dammit.

They need to roust those guys out, somehow. But how?

Promise a dozen fresh-baked donuts to every hacker who turns himself in?

You know, when the War on Terror is over, they could turn Guantanamo into a hacker prison.

Well, hacking has non-evil evil (intentional double use there) uses

Perhaps they could just be sentenced to the shark tank instead?

That’s what I was gonna say. But, I didn’t think anyone would get it.

My parents had a hardware failure a while back. They took their computer in to a local guy, who oh so helpfully uninstalled the Norton I had already paid for and installed a free program (not AVG). Norton was already on the computer when they got it. I stuck with it because my parents know absolutely nothing about computers. I knew they wouldn’t understand any of the free programs, and Norton wouldn’t require them to do anything for the next year. Sure enough, the program he installed expired after 60 days, requiring free registration. My folks didn’t know what they were supposed to do. I couldn’t tell them over the phone since I’ve never used the antivirus program they have. I had them unplug it, but when a young relative stayed with them and wanted to use the computer they let him. When I finally had time to go home and check it out, they had acquired Antivirus 2009, Vundo, Weatherbug, Mysearch, and a whole bunch of other crap. I registered their antivirus program and it took all day to do 7% of a scan. I think I might have gotten rid of most of it, but I had to leave before the final scan was complete. I told my mom to turn the computer off and unplug it when it finished, but the kid was there wanting to use the computer, and I suspect she let him get back online after I left on Sunday.

I think the virus creators think they’re too smart to be caught. I’m not sure any level of punishment would be a sufficient deterent.

Thanks to patience and Microsoft. I cleaned out all of the files, and the links (to porn sites) disappeared from the desktop. As I say, having your computer invaded by this crap is like being raped. I hope Microsoft sues them into the ground.