Mayans MC (open spoilers after OP)

The Sons of Anarchy (SOA) spin-off aired last night on FX. I decided to give it a chance even though I gave up on SOA in the middle of the fifth or sixth season.

Space for spoilers

The show is set 4 years after the finale of SOA, so the the show should stand on its own without too many SOA references. Although the did manage to fit in one cameo.

Gemma appears briefly during a flashback

What do people think? I will be tuning in for a least the first few weeks to see how things develop. I was surprised by how much they have pushed the envelop for cable TV. While SOA had a lot of violence and covered nudity they primarily used “shit” as the go to profanity. Mayans MC drops F bombs every two minutes.

The masks are freaking really messed up.

And I don’t see how anyone would get through being a prospect without punching someone.

Since I loved SOA and I’m a fan of Kurt Sutter, I’ll be watching. In all honesty, the season premiere was a bit confusing. Several plot lines all coming at you at once was difficult to keep straight.

So the main character’s high school girlfriend and baby momma just so happens to now be the wife of the head of the Galindo cartel?

Riiiiight. :rolleyes: Gee I wonder if EZ will be upset about her impending kidnapping and if that will cause conflict between the brothers.

I’ll watch another episode or two because I liked SOA, but if they’re all as poorly written as the premiere, I’m out.

I got increasingly frustrated with “Sons of Anarchy” because it seemed like characters were deliberately making stupid decisions just so that there would be more problems to deal with (so that the series could continue). That doesn’t exactly give me confidence in a new series.

Just watched the first episode, and I completely agree.

Far too many implausible connections, in order to generate narrative tension. From big stuff like the one you mentioned, to smaller stuff like the meeting with Adelita in Tijuana, when Ezekiel paid for the kid’s stolen corn. Too corny!

And also, IMO, for too much background exposition in the first episode. When you’ve got a season to tell the story, why not let out some of the backstory a bit more slowly, rather than as a quick series of flashbacks? Especially when, as a spinoff show, you’ve got a bunch of built-in audience goodwill before you even air the first episode.

Yep, same for me.

I’ll give it a couple more, but it needs to improve. It’s a shame, because I really like a show with such a Latinx-heavy cast, and quite a few of the actors and characters are appealing. And I’ll watch just about anything with E.J.O. in it.